Pre-amp break-in question??

I just purchased an ARC Ref MkII pre-amp... but this applies to other pre-amps I have bought or auditioned. I have ARC VT150SE tube amps, so when I want to break in a new component, I don't want to leave those amps on and burn the tube life... If I want to break in the ARC Ref MkII is it sufficient to leave it on with signal running thru it, but with my amps OFF? Does the preamp need to drive a live amplifier load to break-in properly? Electronic engineers, please help... MGX
Leave the amps off, but connected to the pre-amp. Run a signal into pre-amp (tuner?), select that input on the pre-amp, and turn the volume control to 12:00. Remember to turn the volume down before you turn on the amps! Enjoy.
Yes. You do not have to have those monster amps on to break in the preamp. Just have a signal running through the preamp.