Powrering speakers with a receiver

I am presently using Klipsch KLF20's for my front speakers in a home theatre setup but find myself using them for listening to cds mostly. I am using a Denon 5700 for the receiver/amp. I am condidering upgrading to something like Dunlavy SC IV, Talon Khorus, or Aerial 10T. Will this work??
Yes it will work, but with the quality of speaker you are talking about, you may not be happy with the result. They will be capable of revealing any deficencies in the upstream area, and you would probably be better served with much higher quality amplification. To do that, you probably are talking about a pre/processor and separate amp. Also, I'm wondering what you are using for a CD source.
Well the truth is; a great speaker alone, does not, a great system make.Same could be said for amps,pre amps,or any other single component.
Using a race car as an example. The right motor,the right chassis,the right tranny,the right suspension,the right tires,the right fuel,the right course for this race car,and the right driver.
Yes, you can buy whatever speakers you want. Just so you know they may sound 100 times better with all the "right" things contributing.
Good speakers, are a good place to start. Just keep in mind/it's only a start.
Well, unlike the Klipsch's you currently have, all the other speakers you mentioned are not real efficient. They need alot more horsepower than the Denon can provide to sound good. My vote for the lot ,is the 10t from Ariel. I have heard them in a system recently with a little NAD 304 integrated running them. While it didn't play all that loud it sure did a disappearing act. The front end was a Proceed P2P. An older setup but again, it's the sound that matters, not the cost. I hope that helps.