Powercord on VPI Turntable & SDS ?

Is it necessary to put an aftermarket powercord on the SDS speed control and another going from the SDS to the turntable,TT being a VPI SSC?

I have never seen mention of aftermarket powercords on turtables and SDS,only on the usual suspects,amps, pre's, cdp's,etc.Should the stock powercords be replaced?

If you did change the pc's, what benefits did you hera from the change
I use a Shunyata Diamondback power cord on my VPI Scout. Gives me good peace of mind.
I did; thought it made some difference. If I were to change only one it would be from the SDS to the table on the grounds that the SDS regenerated the current and you want to preserve as much of the effect as you can. You can discount my view as I am a VPI dealer but I have always found the SDS makes a considerable difference on both VPIs and some other tables I have used it on. Shunyata makes good PCs, as do PS Audio, Transparent, Oyaide etc. But the only way to really tell is to try it yourself. Get a good one with return privileges and see if it makes a difference TO YOU.
Yes, I also found PC to make a different, not huge as on pre/power amp but certainly well worth a few hundreds dollars .However, you have to be careful as the recess on the back of SDS won't let you fit a garden hose variety of PC with big plugs. PC that I use mostly in my system is Stealth Dream and that definitely won't fit in the back for SDS (for SDS to turntable).
I second Stanwal's suggestion to find a PC that you can try out to see for yourself. If there is no local dealer, both Music Direct or Audio Advisor would be good options who have 30 day return policies.
The one going from the SDS to the TT motor would benefit more from a shielded cable to keep the EMI/RFI nasties away from the tonearm. I would suggest a lighter more flexible cable. I like the Pangea cable from audio advisor, not expensive, flexible, and triple shielded.
Hi all

I also want to try some cords (that will fit the back of the sds). Any other ideas beside Pangea (what model ?) ?
thanks in advance.
"The one going from the SDS to the TT motor would benefit more from a shielded cable to keep the EMI/RFI nasty's away from the tone arm."

The Shunyata Diamondback which I use on my Scout is perfect for this as it is shielded.
My original Aries motor has a captive power cord that keeps me from swapping cords. I've wrapped it with a Highwire Audio Power Wrap in hopes that it helps. I can't say that it has as I made no effort to confirm. It gives me peace of mind nonetheless.
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