Power outage and blown subwoofer...???

So the significant other was using teh microwave and the toaster at the same time. This blew a fuse. So she opens the fuse box...and turns off the wrong switch. The audio system stops for maybe one second. She immediately turns the switch back on. After that, everything works except the subwoofer in the right speaker (they're full rangers with a sub built in to the base). The sub in the left speaker works fine. Right one...nothing.

Any ideas/help/ways to avoid buying new speakers?
Is it a powered sub? Maybe fused? Just an idea....
Yes, check for fuses. They may be internal and close to the power supply.
The thing is, the LED light on the back is still on. Does that mean the fuse is OK and the 10" woofer inside there is damaged? Or the amplifier section of the speaker is damaged?

Thanks again for all the help.
I would still check for fuses on the amp module, there are probably/might be fuses on the output stage. If the fuses are good, it maybe something along the lines of an output relay, or something of that nature. If the 10" driver were damaged, you would/should still get some type of output from it. Pull the amp module out and check it first...