Power on tube amp without tubes?

Hi gang,

Sorry for what is likely to be the typical "stupid question"....I have a new Cary SLI-80, and the remote function stopped working....I'm checking to make sure no connections came undone, but had to remove 4 large tubes in order to set the amp upside down on its transformers....Can I power the amp on without the tubes, without harming it? This is my first tube amp....

You are joking right?
Did you check the Bats in the remote?
really bad idea -- under no circumstances should you ever power up tube gear without power tubes installed. If you have it upside down to remove the cover, don't open it up -- there is nothing you can adjust or play with -- there is lethal voltages inside!

Cary has excellent customer service -- call them and ask for the service dept and a tech will walk you through the troubleshooting.
You sure your ready for tubes?
Glad we got your attention!
Glad you are talking to Cary!! They are good people.
Good Luck, you will never go back to SS.
The practice of powering amps up to check voltages before installing tubes has always been the rule(after the initial build), and that wouldn't do any damage to the equipment. That's providing one has the experience/knowledge not to get one's-self toasted,and shorting the gear in the process. There are lethal voltages present inside the chassis. It won't hurt anything to open it up, BUT- As stated: It's good you've contacted Cary. They are great people, and build an excellent line of products(love my SLM-100s). They'll get you straightened out!