Power/Line conditioner

I was given a Power/Line conditioner that was used on a large copy machine. It is from IEPS electronics model LC1500. This unit remanufactures the power and delivers it at a constant level. I've read that some of these type of units are "made" for stereo equipment, and this one was definitly made for office equipment. What information do I have to look for on the web site to tell if this unit will be beneficial to my system? The price was right, but I dont want to degrade from what I have now.
Be careful, I think you have the wrong thing. The only audio power regenerators are made by PS audio. Of the commerical power centers made by APC (American Power Conversion) there is only one that will work with an audio system (it was not designed for one). The rest will probably harm your equipment and yours may also. Computer and copiers have different power needs. I would pass if I were you.
Sugarbrie: Which APC model (for hifi) are you referring to? We have an APC model LR1250 coming in this week that I was going to try on the main stereo system (it was mentioned in another thread). I need to use it on the computer for now, because of the Brown outs in LA, but was considering picking up another for the stereo. Thanks. David.
ton1313: i have the same IEPS device on my office copier. it is not designed for audio use. BTW, sugarbrie, ps audio is not the only one out there that makes what they describe as "power regenerators." (ac>dc>ac) i have one that's about 10 years old that was made by CSE, a japanese company. accuphase also makes one and i think there are several others available from different manufacturers.
There is an earlier thread that talks about the APC stuff. It has something to do with the type of current it gives out. You could call APC I suppose or search threads on power conditioning.
Also thanks Cornfedboy. I was only familiar with the PS Audio. Seems to be the only one that gets talked about.
Thanks for all of your responses, I guess I'll stick with my Monster HTS 3500 for now.
Ton1313: Or check out the less expensive Monster HTS2000 which is "said" to sound better than the 3500 model. I purchased the HTS2000 model because of this feedback from the web. It was purchased new for $125.00, mail order.
Dekay would you share your experience with the 2000 and compare with other conditioners you have used. Thanks
Dekay: The main reason I picked up the 3500 was for the sequential turn on. globalmart.com $275. I found this unit very pleasing and it did clean up some of the higher and mid frequencies very well. the statement, "that the reviewers that said the 2000 sounds better than the 3500", I think is more of a personal musical preference than a "better" classification. Listen to both if you have the chance.
Sol: The Hts2000 is the only one that I have used and it was selected by reading reviews both pro and non pro and also by the price. It really helps with my system, but I also live in LA and have crumby power. I am now looking for something less expensive than the PS models that will help with power fluctuations as well. I do not really hear the Brown outs as such (they only last a half second or so and my gear seems to hold more than enough current in reserve for these instances) but I know that it is reducung the usable life of my gear. For example we go through a computer fan every 9 months or so and light bulbs do not last nearly as long as they should. Anyway, getting back to the HTS2000 it is hard to tell how much it is limiting, if at all, the power amp because it is the best of two evils considering my power supply. It does have two outlets that are designed specifically for amps. Every piece of gear, including both my SS and tube amps, sound better when running from the Monster, even in the early morning hours. If you check out the web reviews on the Monsters you will see, as I did, that this cheaper model is preffered by many over the more expensive models. Whether this is a chain reaction of opinions I do not know. Globalmart is also where I purchased mine on line and they were great to deal with as the item arrived 3 days after my order was placed and paid for. Right now I have a power conditioner coming in for our computer that I will also try on the main stereo. It is an APC LR1250 and was mentioned in another thread at this site as being good for our application (Hifi). There is also another thread "Best upgrade I ever made" that mentions another "type" of line conditioner that I would also like to try out and the company is a short drive from my home. For $125.00 I reccomend the HTS2000 for starters as in my situation it really does improve the sound by taming the dirty juice. I just need more especially with the power problems that CA is experiencing right now and dont want to see the power supplies and caps in my gear fail long before their time.
Eight months ago I purchased a Monster Cable HTS 5000 originally for our emerging home theater system. Since the HT system was "under construction" at that point in time I placed the HTS 5000 into the chain of our high end system in the living room. At first, I was stunned at the sonic benefits the HTS 5000 brought to the music! However, after a few weeks of listening to it in the chain I noticed a slight loss of dynamics in some source material. Pretty soon afterwards this really started to bug me as I found myself focusing on dynamics and not enjoying the music. Taking the amps off of the HTS 5000 cured this problem. The HTS 5000 is still in the stereo system and has never made it's way into the home theater set up. It's a great piece for the front end. -Jerie
I should mention something else as to why results may differ with these devices. I was using a Musical Fidelity X-A1 amp at the time of my tests. The amp has an external power supply that I found out by accident holds a great deal of current, IMO, in reserve. I once accidently pulled the plug to the power supply when the system was playing and it maintained a rather high volume for approx. 10-15 seconds before dying out. This may be why the dynamics in this setup were not changed too much by the addition of the power conditioner. I am now in a position to retry this with a different amp (an Audion Silver Night) that has one of the smallest/lightest power supplies that I have ever seen. It is of some type of design that I am not familiar with. I recently upgraded two outlets on different lines (one of which I can try the amp, the Audion this time, straight into the wall. I will try this in a couple of weeks when the wiring settles down (I pulled additional cable from the wall and both outlets sound a little "funny" right now). I just did the work yesterday. I also received the APC condtioner (mentioned above) yesterday as well and hooked it up to the computer for starters. It has an alarm that goes off when the power drops and I have already experienced 3 Brown outs in the past hour. Not a good thing power wise to be living in CA at this time. I will try the APC on the stereo in a couple of weeks as well.
Well, I could not wait and tried the Audion amp (last night) direct into the wall on a different (but not dedicated) line than the front end components and the Monster are running from. The dynamics were definately increased on the low wattage amplifier. The overall sound is still a little raspy as I think that the new connections need to settle in (I hope that this is the case). But the dynamics have definately increased with this setup on this particular amp. If it smooths out in a couple of weeks I will have a winning combination. I am currently running the Musical Fidelity amp in another room and the sound is not as good as it was through the Monster, I will probably try it through the APC conditioner when I feel like crawling around on the floor again:-)
Forget them all, go with dedicated lines. I've had the gammet of "conditioners" (excepting the kilo$ PS audio). Some improvement, but not worth the cash. I had the good fortune to have a 400amp main in my house. I had my electrician put in 4 40amp breakers ( though fuses are supposed to be better, but ultimately less convenient). Then I just went ahead and had two runs of 10ga. for each line to some modified hospital outlets ala. Sergui at interlinkhouse.com. Also used his 10ga. silver plated ofc for the star ground configuration. Results...incredibly clean, fast power. The whole thing cost way less than the PS device. Only concern I have is what happens when lightning strikes!!?? Anyone have the answer to this? BTW Redkiwi has written a bunch of feedback on using a dedicated line/ground system in the past. Look up his stuff in the archives if you wish to pursue this option further. The only place I see for these conditioners is if doing such a modification to your homes' wiring is out of the question i.e. apartments etc. Enjoy the obsession!
Regarding brown outs. I doubt the system I put in would help you much.