power cord replacement...source or amp first?

is there a general rule of thumb as to where an aftermarket will make the biggest sonic difference? i have one (ps audio) that i have been using with my simaudio i-5 integrated, but i just moved it to my arcam cd player. i have another one (signal magicpower) on order, but wonder if there's a general rule of thumb as to priority when replacing power cords. source or amp first? thanks.
While they can help on any component, our experience is that they are most effective on transports/DACs/Phono Stages - then Pre-amps - then amps.

Depending on the quality of the power supplies etc in your equipment, you do have to try for yourself. The above are "norms."

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Anytime you can improve the source, everything downstream benefits. However, in this hobby, the rule of thumb isn't always perfect...Try both cords on both and see what synergistically sounds better....
cool..thanks for replying folks...
Agreed with above posts. I would add that power-hungry equipment (i.e. with high power consumption) can often seem to benefit more; and also check whether your own equipment includes any internal RF or other mains filtering devices. I f it doesn't, that's where to aim your aftermarket leads. Change one thing at a time. In my experience of using Kimber and Nordost mains leads, I would observe that CD players and power amps benefited the most.
i am going to go againest the popular opinion here. i would start with the digital source, it is much more delicate than the amps ( i got about a 25% improvment !!!!)

i did try both ways and noticed a HUGH difference with the Audience pc (AWESOME POWER CORDS) on my cd player first than my amps later on.

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Agree w/ Mikesinger. My best power cord (AudioPrism Super Natural 9.5) feeds my transport. When I get a second one it will feed my phonostage. That power cord let me know my phonostage was limiting the modded 1200's speed. Amazing, isn't it?

Transfer points are crucial and shouldn't be overlooked. The stock IEC terminal in my transport has been replaced by a Furutech Rhodium plated IEC.