Power Cord...16 ft

Can anyone tell me whether 16 to 18 ft power cords exist? I can't find any. I need one for my REL subwoofer and I don't want to spend a big deal of money on it.
Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.
M, I have had several PCs this long built by both Tara Labs and Analysis Plus. They are uncommon as outlets are generally required every eight feet in residential construction. What 'cha makin'?
Why don't you make you own? There are a few DIY suppliers out there that will sell you the parts although I am not sure how much the end product will end up costing vis-a-vis your budget.

An alternate choice would be to buy a contractor grade (I think they are a minimum of 12 gauge) extension cord and install a male IEC end on one end. I think that as long as the gauge is large enough and the insulation is there something like that should be more than sufficient to get the juice to a subwoofer. Probably cost you $50...
try parts express (.com) there a couple of discount audio suppliers that make 10 12 16 20 ft for very reasonable prices (google etc for suppliers) also many of the agon advertisers who make discount cables have power cords.
I too would suggest a DIY. You can get some bulk Carol cable 12/3 at Home Depot and pick up some Hubbell ends at your local electrical supply house. I would also suggest getting a circuit tester & IEC to AC adapter.

The adapter is called IEC C14 to NEMA 5-15R - 250 Volts and is about $3.00. The tester can be purchased at Home Depot for $4.00 & is a GB Electrical Model HCA300.
Zieman, as you're a dealer for the companies you named (undisclosed of course), were the cables for you or a customer?

Just curious.
If you're concerned about shielding in a power cable that long, Belden 19364 is a nice option for a DIY cable, along with your connectors of choice. I've been happy with Marinco 320 and 5266 connectors. All you need to make a cable of whatever length you need is a screwdriver, utility knife and maybe some contact cleaner.
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Thanks z-bag but I can find your lines at Best Buy and the sales people know the products better than you.

Good luck with that stuff.
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I never thought to make one my self, but thanks to your suggestions I am giving a serious thought about it.
Thank you for your replies.
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Richard Gray will custom make to any length I think. Yep, here's the link that says so.

Why are you two conducting yourselves in this manner? All the OP wants is some info on a power cord.

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