Power Conditioner? Furman?


I need something to protect all the components I have, I am relatively new to the audiophile world. I currently have connections running via a belkin surge protector but I do not know if this is adequate enough protection.

I run an NAD amp, pre-amp processor, DVD and media box, and TV through this right now.

I seen a Furman PL-8, I am wondering would this be adequate for my needs?

Any help appreciated.
Surge protection is necessary for protecting sensitive electronics altho not always necessary on audio gear due to inline fusing. Power conditioning is another story and can vary a lot depending on where you live. Most power conditioners do both clean and normalize your incoming power and protect against surges. You must be careful on which power conditioner you choose I have bought 2 of them before I found Synergistic Tesla. I have a EMT power condition in the basement I could let you check out.
What kind of TV?
Why not drop Chris of BPT a line? He'll have numerous good options, and is a very straight shooter. (www.b-p-t.com)


Have you bought one yet? I have bought two supposedly serious "audiophile" power conditioners (the Tice Powerblock & Titan back in the early 1990s, and more recently the Running Springs Dimitri so wonderfully reviewed in TAS) and they significantly degraded sound. They rate as two of my very biggest hi-fi errors in 40 years in the hobby. The Dimitri was significantly better than the dreadful Tice's but it acts like a filter greatly degrading dynamics. My opinion will be disputed by many, but this has been my experience. My experience was with the Dimitri in my system was with a 150w output power amp (800w max draw) being the main current draw. I then tried the Dimitri separately in another system at another location using D class amps with minimal current draw and exactly the same results were found by my and different ears. I do understand that that there are some industrial units that work but they are large and around the $10,000 price range.

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