Furman X-312 - a good subwoofer crossover?

I've got an Audiomat Arpege driving a pair of maggie 1.6's, and I have a Velodyne F1000 subwoofer. I'd like to take the pressure off of the Audiomat by shifting the lowest frequencies to the Velodyne. IS the Furman of sufficient quality to fit in such a musical and revealing a set up as I have? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Brian
I don't know much about the Furman, but it seems designed for studio use.
I'm using a Paradigm X-30, which is great value and does the trick. I had the same question as you, but was reminded -- this is a subwoofer. I bought mine used from Stereo Trading Outlet for $120. He's got one now on audiogon for the same price.
If you wanted a little bit better, I think Hsu Research has one for about $400. Try Jeff's Sound Values.
And, if you really want to go nuts, there's the Bryston 10B, $1400 new, but I think that is WAY overkill for what you want.
For my money, the Paradigm is the ticket.
dunno about the furman, but the marchand xm-9 w/upgraded op-amps, is at least as good as the bryston, at less than half the price. and, w/24db/octave slopes, & w/its wolume pot at the chosen x-over frequency as well as for low & hi-pass, it's ultimately more flexible as well...

doug s.