Power Cond-best? Hyrda? CFX? PP? Burm 948? others?

Has anyone compared the Hydra, PP or CFX to the Burmester 948 or the Accuphase? Power cords really change my system so I want to jump in with both feet here.

Powercords I like are Trans Ref, Fim Gold, Kimber Palladian 10. Tried the Viper v2, didn't like it in my system, but can easily see how others would.

If you go with a great conditioner like the Hydra or Burmester, do you need to go with top notch cords between the component and conditioner?

System is all BAT tube pre/amp/phono, Wilson wattpuppy 6's, DCS, Trans Ref cables. Thanks for your opinions...
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I looked at the PS Audio, Richard Gray, and the Hydra. I settled on the Hydra. It made a hugh difference, both in soundstage and clarity. The Hydra comes with a Shunyata Sidewinder, which is, I think, their lowest end cord, and I'm sticking with cords in that price range or lower for now.
As an aside to functionality, it is a beautiful, extremely well-constructed piece of equipment and comes in a small crate that challenges the package throwers ability to damage.
Hey!!! I work for UPS and I resemble that remark/jus kiddin. I have a CFX and 2 AM Stealths. I use 2 KC v1 's to power each Stealth. One just for the CJ monos.--Like putting your amps on steroids.The CFX does wonders for my video.The best cord should power up your conditioner to effect everything plugged into it.
jfrech: if you haven't installed dedicated circuits, do that first (and maybe last). i tried the hydra in my system and hated it. it screwed up the PRaT and made the mid to lower bass sound muddy and constipated. i'm waiting to try out the burmester, which is described by fellow 'philes i trust as the best conditioner on the planet. i've also tried the accuphase ps-500, which did nothing for me. but, then, after auditioning the hydra, maybe that's a good thing. -cfb
I agree with CFB on the dedicated curcuit first. I have tried the PP, Gray along with a list of others. The Hydra does great things for me, but my system is a quarter the cost of CFB's so it comes with "issues" I guess. Judging from youy system I thing you will find benifit but you can only answer that by trying. The Bat amps will be problematic in that the Hydra is rated to 1800 watts. I would suggest a dedicated curcuit for your amp(s) alone (FIRST PROJECT)and a second (SECOND PROJECT)for the front end. Try the Hydra on different front end components and see.
I have the Burmester 948, and I like it much more than the units I had before (PS Audio 300, Richard Gray), although I haven't tried the others you mentioned. Mine and all the 948's I saw at the time (about a year ago) had a hard wired power cord, which Burmester didn't want switched. Don't know if they've changed that, although I would tend to doubt it.
As to conditioners I sustitued a PS 300 on my digital front end with a mini A.M. Stealth, great improvement, am looking foward to put it's bigger brother in for my amps. But as to power cords, guys do yourselfs a favor and check out the JP Maximum Gold, it,s a new cable manufactured by John Pavone (electric eng. and excellent person) This cord is one of the best bargains in high end right now. It's a 0 gauge pc which in my system has subtitued the great Whale Elite mk1, which many people consider one of the best pc right now. It retails for around $300 and at least is in the same league as the big boys KC, Fat Boy, FIM gold, Whale Elite,etc. As I said, do your selfs a favor and check it out.
Thanks all, I do have dedicated circuits with iso ground. You're all right...that made a BIG difference. Now ready for more I think.
Actually, having tried both and the Richard Gray, I prefer the Richard Gray by a long shot; especially when used with the LAT International power cord which Richard Gray highly recommends. Contace Richard Gray, they will verify what the LAT Power cord does for their conditioner.