Power cables for Conrad Johnson and Vandersteen

Running CJ 250S Power with ET5 Pre--into Vandersteen Quatros-currently running a Kimber Palladian PK10 of recent vinatage for pre, and it really does make a considerable difference--interconnects are Audioquest Niagras, and Speaker wiring is Audioquest Comets, double bi wired. The Palladian certainly seems to smooth things out a bit-

Now looking for suggestions for the CD player--and Power Amp--tried the Palladian with power amp, and it definitely sounded far better than either a stock cord, or the Cardas Golden Reference--(the GR doesn't seem to fit anywhere in this particular system)-however the Palladian might be overkill for the amp--not sure as I only have one. All commentary welcome, especially from those of you with similar geer--also, any thought on pre Palladian Pk power cords? Also have read up on Shunyata, but have not been able to find anything to trial---and unclear on some of the brightness issues with the new Python, etc.
I tried lots of powercords, and my personal favorites are those I made myself from parts bought from VHAudio. Furutech ends with Acrolink cable. Does everything I need it to do.
I use an older generation Shunyata Python Helix 20 amp PC with my CJ 350; cords do make a difference but are really system and taste dependent. Three of us spent a good part of the afternoon trying different ones today on different components; a good way to go nuts.
Hi- I'm wondering what you ended up with for power cords on your system and what you think.
I bought a PK-10 Palladian for my DAC and use Shunyata for the rest of my system - including a CJ CT5 preamp (predecessor to your ET-5). I'm very happy with them.
One day for kicks I swapped the PK-10 onto the CJ preamp and didn't like it at all. Everything was clear, but soundstaging was all over the place. I never figured out why, but just swapped them back and its all good!
Bluesnbike....have you tried new power cords on your Vandersteens (if they are powered)....did wonders for mine.
Both Audience & Audioquest are natural, sonic, matches w/ CJ gear. I like Audioquest on the Vandys as well.
Hello Stringreen - are you saying that you put different power cords on the sub amp on your Vandersteen 5A's?! I've been wanting to do that but the heat sink fins on the sub amps are preventing me from getting the bigger after market type connector to fit in between the heat sink fins. What cords are you using?