Power cables for ARC VT100MK2

Looking fo advice on power cables for this amp.$200-300 range used.
I believe that Synergistic Research is what they are using at the ARC plant.
I've used both of the Synergistic cords Master Coupler and the Ref.They are ok, however are a bit too brite for my taste.I've had VT1 and VT2 and now VT3 and prefer the BMI Whale.I've also tried the Viper2,although quite good,a bit too foward of a presintation.Give the Whale a shot,you'll be glad you did.
Franklapdog, I also own VT3 with LS252. What is your system comprised of and what ICs are you using? Thanks BIGBLUEBARNACLE

I own the VT100 MKII and it certainly did not sound forward with any of the Powersnakes cables. In fact the King Cobra, in particular, produced spectacular results with the VT100 mkII.

The VT100 mkIII has a slightly forward presentation compared to the MKII version. Could you be hearing the character of the MKIII version, which I have found not to be musically satisfying?
Gmorris, Anything is possible with this industry!!!Ya know it all boils down to what sounds the best to you....I happen to like the VT3's sound.Just remember not long ago when all you had was the crappy stock cords!!!Now,the audio guru from above has given us the pleasure of spending big bucks on what is really system dependent.Don't you agree?
We seem to have the same taste in power amps (to wit: ARC D115 mkII and the VT100 mkII) so we probably have similalr taste in the type of sound we like (hope I am not too presumptuous here?) I agree that opinions depend on system/personal preferences as well as room interactions. But, I found that the Powersnakes from the Sidewinder to the Blac Mamba, Viper and King Cobra to be fairly neutral in thir tonal balance (as you go up in price the bacground gets quieter while the bass and midbass improve commensurately with greater transient speed.)
Gmorris, I agree with you on the sound of the snakes,they are very good however for my not so golden ears,the bottom line is value,neutrality and zero feedback......It all comes down to that old ancient expression.What ya hear is what ya get!!!!!!
I have an ARC LS 2 MK II and ARC D 200 and both have non-replacable power cords, uggghh

Is this something the factory can modify?


Tom, To answer you're above concern,yes it can however save you're money on round trip freight by calling Leonard and requesting the kit for replacing stock cords.It comes with a punch out for the back plate.So now you've invested a little time,patience and some money for a decient PC.... Good luck and happy tunes........
GMorris -

I heard that AR recommends the Shunyata King Cobra as the best pc for that VT100. But I believe the gentlemen was looking for something in the $200-300 range. Also I've heard all the Shunyata cords and I would not make the broad statement about their tonal balance, in that one respect I noted differencies not similarities. The other comment - true.