Power cable question with cdp

Im just wondering if i can replace the power cable on a nad c 542 hdcd player. It doesnt have a spot to take the old cable out it just goes into the chassis of the player. Is this replaceable or am i just as well off going with the stock cable. I wasnt going to go expensive with it just a better quality signal cable. thanx Kevin
At this level you would have to make some modifications to the unit to accommodate a different power cable. What are you hoping to do by introducing a different power cable? I mean, what about your system are you looking to change? Tell a bit more about your system.
Making the fixed pc into a migratory cord isn't that difficult... depending on how handy you are. In all, it's a simple task that can be done by an experienced technician... Do be mindful that it may not be seen by another prospective buyer later on as a plus though. Especially if the job isn't nicely done.

you can simply add an IEC connector to the existing power cord and thereby not even open the case by splicing one on.

Another path to allow for sonic changes, and I presume that's the desire here, is to use a simple NEMA to IEC adapter, $3 - $20 DEPENDING.... AND THEN ADD THE INTENDED UPSCALE POWER CORD YOU SEEK TO THE EXISTING ONE via the adapter... NO CUTTING, NO OPENING UP THE CASE. PLUG AND PLAY.

I assure you this last method works. It just ain't the 'audio nut' way.

A good power conditioner also, will allow you to retrieve the benefits of both filtering and the addition of a better cord there too! Plus if the right one is chosen, the advantage of power surge protection too. just a thought.
I made this modification to my Adcom cd changer a couple weeks ago. It made a rather noticable improvement to my mid-fi system. All told, it took about an hour to do from start to finish. All I needed was a Dremel tool, sidecutter, wire stripper and soldering iron. Pretty cheap too (the IEC socket cost about $1.50 from Parts Express and the 18 ga hook up wire from Rat Shack was $7 for a red/black/green set).

I've read some of your posts and you've had some good experiences with power cords and condititoners - Hydra 2, PS Audio.
What have you found to work the best?
In what respect Bil? Or with what items?