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Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
@simui I’ll have to look at the Lumin streamers, especially the new U2 mini or the older D1. I was thinking they were all real expensive. I was worried with the fact that it is not wireless scared me away as my router is downstairs. I could get a... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Here’s another thought: Would this work to run an fm tuner or a phono stage into a Gan1? It has a gain control and so do some tuners and preamps with phono? All you’d have to do is move your coax SPDIF from your streamer to this unit with other ... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any updates to this thread. My Ric modded Gan1 will be done soon. Will be using an ifi Zen Stream. I think the ZS sounds a little better than my Aries Mini and both have good software volume control. I’ve neve... 
Magnepan 1.7 I speaker sock ???
I had very responsive repliesw on new socks for MAggie 1.7i speakers from Mick,  
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
This is a great thread and good recommendations included, thank you @jjss49 - you have a great system and so much experience. I like the high ranking for the Qutest and R26. How did you like the Eversolo master edition? Have you ever tried a Be... 
Need a new Class AB SS integrated...$2-3k due to hurricane
@helomech  That is a real interesting comment on the AS2100 being better than the AS2200. If you have any more comments on that, please share,  
My Medium List of Amplifiers and my Personal Review of Each !
@avanti1960 your comments on the mcintosh mc312 and your journey with other amps is very interesting!  
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
you gave it a good try Jeff and it was a great idea,  
Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?
I’ve been wondering the same thing….   
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Any updates here? I see that VTV 300 is similar to Peachtree Gan 1 - how do they compare? Also Purifi and Hypex have newer modules - wondering how those sound?  
Audio Research in Receivership.
@4afsanakhan I think that’s what they were trying to do with the new 50 series.  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
For those of you using ifi zen stream with Gan 1: are you using the software volume control in the zen stream to control volume? Does this software volume affect quality? I don’t know any other way you would control volume otherwise.  
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
The 20.7 is Large, but boy will it sound good,  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
Thanks @ricevs Ric, are you still modding the VTV Purifi in addition to the Gan1 and VTV300? The review of the Ric modded Purifi in was super!  
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
@chrisld  Do you have a Ric modded Gan1 or a stock Gan1? Thanks for sharing your observations.