Power cable for Marantz PM 15S2

Hi,  I am trying a Marantz PM 15S2 integrated and have tried my VH Audio Flave 4 (had it for 10 years) an Analysis plus Power Oval and an old AQ 12.  I was not really happy with any as they sounded dark and rolled off.  For example the crowd in live tracks sounded muted to varying degrees. I switched to the thin stock power cord and things became more vibrant and clear with sharper leading edges Things were easier to hear.  This is not the first time I have run into this.  I had an Onkyo A 9555 (great bang for the buck)  that sounded more alive  with the stock cord. I have always felt cords of all types do make a difference but putting the word better on it really can vary a lot.

  Is there any particular cord that works well with the 15S2?  Maybe it is just a dark soft amp and not for me?  We shall see.

My suggestion would be try a Lessloss or possibly a Cardas Golden Ref power cord. The reason I suggest these as I have a Running Springs Haley and RSA recommended Cardas Golden Ref power cords as it is supposed to be relatively neutral. Honestly I did like it ok however, I found the Lessloss to be better. It sounded very very neutral but had more transparency and liveliness to my ears without being too cool or "bright". Plus they are reasonable cost wise in my opinion.
Or a VH Audio AirSine which I really like.
Cardas is neutral and slightly rolled off, IME.
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Audience PowerChord se. Very open, natural sonics. I own PowerChords, and I’m told that the SE version has more high-end extension.
The premium Audience cable is the AU24 series. 

Also, Cardas Clear is a more neutral cable than the Golden Reference.