Power Amp for Totem TAbú

I have had a pair of Totem One powered for my Pass Aleph 3 (30W @ 8 ohms / 60W @ 4 ohms). But I replace it I currently I use a pair of Tabus. I feel not enterely satisfied with its sound. I feels little dark, undetailed (maybe because its textile tweeter against the one´s metal (aluminum). May somebody give an advise about the sinergy amp-ls? Does somebody think I must change the amp for something like NuForce, or other good one with more than 100 W/ch?
Thank You in advance for your opinion and advise.
I heard these once, powered by a 100 wpc Classe integrated and they sounded VERY good. Not perfect, perhaps, but very good.
I have Tabu speakers and I found that they did not come to life until I got an amplifier with more than 100 watts of good clean power. My wonderful YBA had to go and I bought a Musical Fidelity integrated. I am quite happy with the results but now I am looking for an amplifier with a more musical slightly more forward mid range.