Post impressions on the new MBL at CES please?

I'm dying to know what they've come up with.. Apparently there is a new top-of-the-line speaker from MBL playing at CES right now (yeah, bigger than the MBL 101E)

Could people who have seen/heard it please post some impressions? :)

I wish I was in Vegas right now!
Nobody visited this room yet??
OMG.. Audio Federation has posted a pic now. Check this out, it looks pretty evil:

4-box design, separate bass towers and what appears to be two 101's in a D'Appolito arrangement?
I was at CES and sat in this room for about an hour listening. These 101X speakers that you see in the above link were pretty stellar. Looked like two 101e's on top of each other, where the metalic dome and two different black sections you see that all meet in the middle are bass, mid and treble. You can actually touch the alum ribbons and feel them flexing. They produce bass. The black towers standing next to them are for passive bass and crossover< I was told.

The sound was warm yet crystal clear and never harsh. The bass was powerful, yet not loud. Soundstage was impressive and ubiquitous, as the 101e's, but seemed even more vertical. Think they will be priced at over 200k when they begin to ship later in the year.

I was told by someone in the room that Bill Gates already has a pair of these. No doubt....

Other speakers I would mention were the Magico Model 6's. Wow is all that comes to mind. Deep impressive bass with articulate clear detailed highs and warm rich smooth sound. Vivaldi Lute Concerto came alive on them.