Portable DVD player

I'm looking to get my son a portable dvd player for his birthday. Price range is < $700. Would like at least a 5inch screen.

Which would you recommend and why?
Hello, I bought a Polaroid portable DVD player at Costco (Canada) for Christmas last year. It has seen almost daily use in the home and in the car on weekends with the kids. an el cheapo price at around $ 300.00, but a solid performer so far...
I have the Toshiba SD-P2000. (I believe there is a newer model now, (P2100, I believe), but it is very similar, with better speakers as I recall.) It has a great picture, and it is viewable from fairly decent angles. We typically put it on the tray table in front of our little girl on planes, and we can each watch from either side.

Features include:

9" TFT (16x9) Widescreen (1,024x600 pixel display!)
Progressive scan
10-bit 54 mhz video DAC
24 bit/192 Khz PCM audio DAC
Dolby Digital & DTS output (stereo only, not 5.1)
Remote control
Plays DVDs, CDs, DVD-Audio, MP# compatible
Two earphone out jacks.

It also has outputs for composite, S-video and Component.
(Includes the composite and Component video cables, but not the S-video cable, but that is relatively cheap.)

Best of all, it has a Lithium Ion battery pack that holds nearly 3 1/2 hours of charge! This is great, because on long flights or drives, it will keep my little girl watching up to two movies! (Most of the units seem to have a 2 1/2 hour battery pack).

I still like mine and I have had it for a couple of years.
I did a little research based on Kurt_tank's post. Just to add to his response, it appears that the follow-on to the Toshiba SD-2000 was the SD-2500 which has speakers on the side for better sound localization as well as 2 headphone jacks. The 2500 seems to still be available at some locations. I went to the Toshiba web site and it appears that the current model is now the SD-2600. Checking with Amazon, the 2600 seems to be available well within your budget. The Amazon link is here. These units seem to have good online reviews with many highlighting the picture quality. Bob
Onecall.com sometimes has refurb 2500 for $350 or so, great player with lots of features.