Opinions on a hi-end ? portable mini system

I was wandering if there is such a thing...
I need a compact system (integrated amp, CD player, Tape Player, Tuner) with good sound, that I can move around
to gatherings of a cultural association I belong to.
It is so hard to move my system around... (I did it once!
I was too nice and not smart, but the audience was amazed!)
Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there something in the
$1,000-2,000 range? How about a pair of hi-end compact speakers also?
I think you should look at the TEAC Reference series -- the 300 series, or maybe the more expensive 500 series of components. They are available at a substantial discount, and they offer surprisingly good performance. I bought the 300 series integrated amp, tuner, and CD player for my wife to use in her office, and also recommended these units to the buyer where I work when a system was being assembled for our employee lunch room. I have only good things to say about these units -- very nice build quality, good sound, compact size, and very tasteful appearance.
I really like the Denon DM3/DM5(I think they've changed model numbers recently). The key selling point is it comes with a neat little pair of Mission speakers that outclass most everything near the price, and the electronics are good enough to coax some pretty decent sound out of them. You can even add a subwoofer to it if you want to get a little crazy. Definately worth a look, and you can probably find them on the internet for under $500. Best of luck.

If you can live without the tape player in the same box, check out the Linn Classik. It's a great piece of gear; Stereophile rated it Class B. A very elegant solution when paired with some effient monitors...I use B&W 303s.
I'd get the linn Classik if i were you and buy any quality mini monitors you want. Totems and Triangles are good. PMCs are better. Sonus Fabers.... (Guaneri Homage (very small)) the best! That is without a doubt the route i would go. - Ian
Another vote for the Classik. I like the Proac Tablette 2000's with my Linn, but I think a pair of Totem Rokk's would sound terrific too
look at the jbl lsr-28p powered studio monitors. These and a portable cd player are all you would need to provide high quality sound. The speakers have a 250 w/rms amp for the lows and a 100 w/rms amp for the highs..built in. The speakers have been tested at +/- 1.5 db. 43-20k. You'll have to go to sam ash music or guitar center to audition them as these are designed for the pro-audio market. You should be able to purchase these speakers for around $1400.00 pr. This system will provide simplicity, portability, and accuracy in a relatively simple package. Happy hunting. By the way the speaker components which consist of an 8" woofer and a 1" titanium tweeter are relatively compact (about 12-13" high by 11" wide by 10" deep) but do weigh about 40 lbs.
Just auditoned three mini systems at the good guys. Denon with mission speakers(599-699), Yamaha (399) and Nakamichi (499 without cassette deck, Don't remember the model number). Of the three I thought the newer Nakamichi out performed the other two even in less than perfect placements. Excellent imaging, low background noise, non hi-fi and very hi-endish sounding. That remids me other nakamichi sound space systems that I remember that was also exceptional. I believe it is called sound space 8. I highly suggest that you check out the nakamichi systems