Polite, Discreet Subwoofer

While reading some posts and articles on Quad electrostatics, I recalled that there was a time when one of the "state of the art" speaker configuration was the Quad ESL 63 (?) paired with one or even two Entec subwoofers.

Now I have never owned Quads, but I have listened to a few pairs and wouldnt think they could be easily mated to a sub.

So was there something special about the Entecs? Are they still available new or used?

What kind of sub could I consider adding to my Magneplanar Tympanis, not to go too low, rock the house, boom, or rattle the windows...

....but just something that is very fast, discreet, polite, but could still round out the bottom and add air without such tricky room placment.


Thanks for any ideas.
The Martin Logan subs are really fast (the Entec's original claim to fame) and go really well with stats (duh!)

I prefer the Depth. I think it has even better transient response than the Descent, and while still very punchy, is more, as you say, discreet.

I use just one with my CLSIIz crossed over at 35Hz.
The REL Strata III is a 10 " sealed box design and gets out of the way very well, and I happen to have one for sale! (OK, a shameless plug.) See my current add if interested.
A couple of DIY's I'd love to build and try with my Apogees, Both of these designs should work well IMO.



Nsgarch is right about the ML subs.
The Depth uses three 8 inch woofers.
Moves lots of air efficeintly.
Can be dialed in to suit even very small rooms.

Good luck!
Martin Logan Depth-An amazing sub. Especially for 2 channel.
The Entecs are very musical subs that go very deep in the bass. I have 4 LF-20s, with 2 10" woofers each. Yes, that's 8 10"rs total, but when these were built, I don't think the woofers could travel as far back and forth as current woofers. I have compared them side-by side with a Talon Audio Roc (the pyramid shaped one w/ crown amp) and a servo-controlled Velodyne, and thought the Entecs won. They never boom or osund loose or uncontrolled. They excel at reproducing music. If they have a shortcoming, it is that they might not be as dynamic as todays subs, so woulod be well suited to music, but may not have the kick to reproduce movie specail effects as well.

They were tremendously expensive when new, and so are rare today, but they do come up for sale occasionally.