Poiema shielded?

Anyone know if the Poiema!!! is shielded? I've tried some unshielded cables in my setup and picked up too much background noise. My previous shielded Stereovox were very quiet, looking to get something close to the Stereovox sound at a more reasonable price. Was thinking about the Poiema!!!.
I don't think they are Shielded.I tried them on my Thorens table also and though they did sound great,but I did get a hum..I would assume Robert could make you a shielded cable ,but you should check with Robert ...I would'nt hazard a guess on what sound change you would get ( if any ) once the Poiema was shielded...........
I inquired with Robert back when I had a pair of P3's and he does not use traditional shielding (braids, foils, etc.) in the design. Instead he uses a judicious amount of ERS cloth to reject RF.
What are people's best suggestion for a shielded interconnect that is neutral/transparent and tight in the bass region for about $500 used for 1.5m or 2m?
Check out the Audio Art interconnects..very inexpensive and may be what you looking for..With a few Hundred bucks left,to boot!..........
Sometimes I when I see posts like this regarding any manufacturer's products, I kind of scratch my head and wonder "Why not aks the manufacturer? Surely they would have the entire lo down!"

At any rate, here's the whole scoop regarding the "P"!!! R-v3 I/Cs taken from one of our URLs:
Self-shielding topology combined with judicious and optimal use of Stillpoints ERS treatment to counter EMI / RFI distortions. While commonly used discrete shields dissipate outside interferences to ground, it's a two way street - they also dissipate some of the music signal to ground robbing it of its vitality. Not good!

If we absolutely need to, we can build a discrete shield into the interconnect that's also dis-connectable. We also add this type of sheild in such a way to introduce the least amount of detriment.

In the six years we've been offering our cabling, we've needed to add a discrete shield only twice. Our standard methodology is good enough that we've even built single ended I/Cs in excess of 6m without issue.

Hope that clears that up for you Dennis.


Hey Robert, I got it half right. I even remembered your using the word "judicious," when describing your use of ERS (I was less than 100% certain about the self-shielding topology, so I left it out of my answer - too lazy to go look it up). Give me half credit would you ;)
Hey Tony!
Give me half credit would you ;)
Okay, I appreciate your taking time to help so...how 'bout we meet half way: instead of 500 or a 1000, 750 Points!