Shielded or Unshielded power cords

What do you think about shielded vs unshielded power cables? There are lots people who don't like any kind of shielding for analog components power cables (power amps, analog preamps, etc) because shielding results in darker
sound, less dynamics.

I'll be running 4 cables from the breaker panel directly to the components: 2 separate lines feeding 2 big power amps and there will be another 2 lines feeding an Audio Magic Transcendence power conditioner, one of which is for
Analog, other for digital components. Now which one of these 4 lines needs shielding? All of them? Just the one for digital? None of them?
Personally I'd enjoy hearing a demonstration which revealed that shielding on PC's resulted in a darker sound with less dynamic's.

What I suspect occurs, if anything, is the shielded cable might just reduce RFI which could be picked up by unshielded cable and by eliminating the noise from RFI just sound darker - all that waas happening with the unshielded cable was that the RFI was causing a brightness so minute as to be euphoric to some listeners.

Some general questions I would ask the experts other than their credentials: What do you use to get rid of all of the RFI on your cables that pre-exists your PC connection? Will a regulated PS do this for you, a passive power filter/surge protector, or is their another method? If so, does an unshielded PC sound different from a shielded one when connected between your electronics and them regulator or filter?

To answer your question, from a personal prospective, barring proof that an unshielded cable is not additive by allowing the introduction of RFI, I would choose a shielded cable or select the one that sounded best to me without regard to the issues you (and I) raise.
Most of the RF is on the line already. A good filter is a better solution IMO.
Shielded cords are a must for all class D amps, and attending components, as well. I have seen that proved over and over.
Always let your own ears make the decision for you, and never what people say or think.
Shielded is best for any digital component. For amps it does not matter, IMO.