PMC TLE1 vs Velodyne DD-15 vs JL Audio f113

Which one is better? I am looking for the subwoofer for movie and also for music. Rock and disco music will be performed the best with which subwoofer? Which subwoofer will produce the solid LF for movie? Please advise me. thanks!
That's a tough choice. All of them are good subwoofers. The PMC TLE1 is the lesser known compared to the other two. I have this sub matched to my PMC main speakers. If your main speakers are not PMC, Velodyne and JL Audio may be a better choice. I have not done any comparison between these three subwoofers but the dual 6.5" woofers of the TLE1 go down flat to 22Hz and trounce my Dali SWA-12 with single 12" woofer.
I agree with Ryder - if you have PMC then you need to consider that it is TL design in the bass (not sure what that does to phase - so it makes sense to go with PMC designed matching sub to help avoid potential phase issues). JL audio seems to be best value for great performance.