Has anyone got any experience of this active speaker? If so I'd appreciate your views.


None personally but if you haven't read it here's a review 6 moons
Seriously good speaker - big sound in a small package and very accurate. They play very loud cleanly. Will beat most anything of similar size. You will want to crank it!
Yes, i have them since 2 years.
It all depends from where you come from and what you can live with. I downsized (from large Krell system and superb live size 3 way speakers) and use these nice pieces with a benchmark dac-1. It works good, but they won't be near the IB-2. They do not do big bass also the 3-way pieces will portrait and render micro and macro dynamics better. For a smart system they work good.
I can answer you more detailed, if you better tell me what your preferences are.