PMC FB1i's

I have a new pair of the PMC FB1i's and was just curious as to what speaker cables you are using with them? Feel free to throw out any suggestions to try with them. I do have a set of Morrow SP1's to try but I am looking for any other suggestions. The rest of my system is the source is a Bryston BCD-1, the amp is an Esoteric AI-10, and the listening will be strictly 2 channel. Thanks in advance.
Anyone have some suggestions?
I too just purchased a pair of FB1i's and I'm using Nordost 'Baldur' SC and IC, with Pangea PC's.

So far I have no complaints, the midrange is incredible. There are being by a Bryston B-100 SST/2 and BCD-1 as well.
i am using kimber bifocal xl's with my gb1i's with good results, worth a listen at the very least.
Congrats on your PMCs, a great and undersung brand.

I'm extremely happy with Acoustic Zen speaker cables on my IB2i, which are tri-wired with Holograms on the woofers and Satori shotgun bi-wires on the mids and tweets. Having experimented with silver, silver-clad copper, and silver plated copper cables on other speakers (though not on PMCs), I've become a big fan of OCC copper, which to me strikes a great balance between fine resolution, extension, and body.

With PMCs, IMO, it's critical to get those brass jumpers out of there and wire each set of posts directly. It makes big difference in transparency. For FB1i, I'd go with shotgunned Satori.