Plinius 8150i??

Does anyone here experiences or owns this integrated amp? I can't seem to check it out here in Dallas TX. Would y'all please tell me if it is any good? I was told that it is better some more expensive separate. Is it true that it's that good? Please respond. Thanks
Yes, it's about the best integrated you can buy (if there's a better one, I don't know what it woudl be). This component is very underpriced. Contact us for more info and customer comments.
Haven't taken one home, but in a show room it sounds excellent. Sounded good with a variety of speakers, and will power up just about anything. You might want to check into the Plinius 2100 which has 100 instead of 150 watts per channel if your speakers aren't that tough of a load. I'm told by the dealer that it the same circuits inside as the 8150, just less power. The only confirmation I've had of that so far is a mention in Soundstagecom's show coverage where the manufacturer made a vague statement that seemed to indicate this to be true. Back to the sound of the 8150. It's very impressive. Excellent top to bottom. Not tube lush but not ss bright either. Check the TAS review for more praise. Not as good as Mark Levinson seperates, but better than all comparably priced I've heard - Adcom 750 pre/Rotel 1090, Golden Tube 100's, Class CAP-150 and Acurus. I've heard good things about the Rowland integrated, but haven't heard it. Got to Go! Hope this helped.
I've owned one for over a year now, and frankly, I don't understand what all the fuss is all about. The 8150 is pleasant, but nothing speacial. I'm only using mine with our TV (not surround), its not musical enough for me to use for a music system. There's some quality issues to consider, like crosstalk. The unit gets extremely hot as well. I suggest that you really audition this unit before purchasing. Its not for everyone. rgds, david k.