Plinius 8150i inegrated or Bryston 4BST

Please help me picking one to use with my Lex MC1 for the main L/R channels. I want the best possible for 2 channels music as well as for HT. I can use the 8150i as 2 channels power amp for my MC1 for HT and as integrated amp for two channels music. I just have to flip the switch in its back. There're two scenerios I need help: 1. 4BST and MC1: I'll use my Onkyo C600 DVD player 's digital out into my MC1 and use the MC1's D/A converter then the MC1's L/R out to my 4BST. 2. 8150i and MC1: I'll have to use analog L/R out from my DVD player into the 8150i and use the 8150i as integrated amp and thus by passing the MC1's D/A converter. This case I use the my DVD internal D/A converter instead and completely eliminate the MC1. In both cases above, I strictly talk about two channels music and use my DVD player to play CD music. Which case(1 or 2) do y'all think is a winner? For Home theater: How about the 8150i as power amp for my MC1's main channels compare to the 4BST power amp for my MC1's main channel. I use the Sherbourn 5/1500 5 channels amp to power my center, 2 sides and 2 rears. My main front L/R speakers are Mirage OM6. Please help!!!! Thanks
Well, both of your choices are good ones. I happen to own a Plinius 8150 integrated, and I'm absolutely in LOVE with it. Best integrated I've EVER heard, short of a Rowland or Accuphase. They are both very, very warm sounding amps, but the clarity and tonal correctness is unsurpassed by the Plinius. I'd go with it, cuz you can always upgrade your amp later and use it as an outstanding pre-amp!
Definately go with the Plinius. The Bryston is a fine amp but I personally like the Plinius better. For just movies the MC-1 is outstanding but it definately would be the week link when it comes to music so you would be best to try and eliminate it from the chain when enjoying 2 channel.
Plinius for sure! so far it has beaten a lot of amp/pre-amp combo that I've owned in the past 10 years... Krell, Mark Levinson, Carver, COnrad Johnson are some of the few that it has beaten. Its a great integrated! a keeper!