Please Identify - Cables

A family member gifted me a set of these and don't really understand fully what I have. I asked some friends and they directed me here. They do have a black and red shrink wrap type tag with a matching set of numbers.
When it comes to audio, I have some stuff in the car and a decent set up for my computer. I never got into audio too much. Any information would be appreciated.
I did research these myself and asked around. I didn't find much. I did find the manufacturer site. That's about it.
If I was to guess these could be from anywhere between 1985 - 2000's. This I am guessing by when my Grandparent's purchased the house they are living in now. I can ask my uncle for more specifics. I just want to gather as much information as I can about these cables. Thank you!
I did measure them. They came out to be over 110" long each. I didn't want to flatten the cables out because I didn't want to cause any damage. Would that make it a 2M or 3M? I know that's 2.8M if I was to guess. Don't think it was modified because of the Valhalla marked covering being mostly intact. I know it's a little longer, but again I did not want to cause any damage to them.
Looks like a set of Nordost Valhalla Speaker cables that someone did a hack job of re-terminating or repairing at one end. You should send them back to Nordost to have them terminated properly then put them on auction here on this site.

IMO they will bring more if they are terminated properly. An 8 foot pair had a retail price of $4200 however expect less than 1/2 of that on auction, but you won't know till you try

Best of luck