PLease help me....

Dear Audiogon sellers, can you tell me whether it is able to ship your gears to my place by Fedex? One seller told me he can't. Please advice. I'm in Burnaby (the city next to Vancouver) in Canada, and my postal code is V5H 2X6 (or V5H 2X5).

To actual Vancouver is one thing. To Burnaby is another. Seriously, I don't see why there would be any problem with FedEx. There may be very few audiogoners who have actually shipped anything to your city!
Both FedEx and FedEx Ground will ship to (just about) any address in Canada, UNLESS your address is a PO box.
Rather than just receive educated guesses from members, wouldn't you want to speak with Fedex directly?
I'll bet that seller does not know how to enter a Canadian Zip into the shipping estimator, etc.

I just entered your Zip code into my USA Fedex account and it works fine. You are in Fedex Zone 51 for ground. I did both Fedex overnight and Ground including residential.

FedEx's toll-free international customer service number is 1.800.247.4747
It is likely that person did not put the space between the two sets of three numbers into the system. I got an error when I put in the six digits in a row.
try the USPS they have been pretty good to me.
Thanks for all you responses and I can also get the UPS ground postage fee from my place. Really don't understand why my seller couldn't find the amount and I've lost the chnace of getting that gear :(, in particular, it is the birthday present I treat myself!