please help, I need a good cd player used is ok

I just purchase a Denon DVD-910, it has really good picture quality (Fajouda chip), but in the cd quality sound, I don't satisfy much, and I am thinking about the Rotel RCD-855 or something like that. Any advise from anyone would be a big pleasure for me. My budget is $250 or less, thanks again !
Any 855 that you would buy must be pretty high mileage at this point. A used Onix XCD-88 is a very good value. You can see them at Best of luck.
If you can be happy with two channel, as I am, the Sony DVP-S7000 does very well playing CDs and DVDs. The transport in it is very fine and would provide a stepping stone for later D to A upgrades. I've seen these on Audiogon for as little as $140.
buy a onix x cd88
I bought my XCD-88 as a B stock for your budget price, and it's been terrific. Call AV123 and see if they have any more - they don't always list them on their Web site.

thanks, and how much does it cost for a brandnew one ? thanks
An NAD C320 BEE used runs $200 or so. You can get a new one for $300. I think you will be hard pressed to find anything better for the money.
Hello, for the Onix scd-88, how much is it brandnew?

I have one more question: do we need to replace the clock also as I see in the other threads ? and how do the opamp and the clock look like ? easy to replace?

what kind of clock and opamp is good? is the opmap 627bp, 627 ap good? thanks

Best wishes for the new year ! "-).......
XCD-88 has been discontinued, but they may still have some B stock. Call AV123 to find out. Also, AV123 has a forum with a classified section, and used ones occasionally show up there. Good luck.
I was advised by technical "experts" in the past that a CD player is the one item that one should not purchased used. I am just passing on what was told to me from a couple of fellows who have been selling audiophile gear at established retail storefronts for over 50 years collectively, consistently selling McIntosh among other more $$ gear.