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Sleeper older preamp with great phono.....
B&K pro 10 sonata 
Your last speaker?
Never say LAST! there is no last? 
Parasound Halo A21 or Rotel RB-1090?
I have the rotel 1090 the sound is very neutral .the bass is increadible .I can highly recommend it 
odyssey stratos
belive it or not! but I was using 4 old kenwood Lo5m monoblocks .I had to run the sequals at 0 db setting I had so much bass I could not understand why people would say they needed a sub . Then I started to read posts saying new bigger amps were b... 
Antique Sound Labs Wave AV 25 Monoblocks
Iwould like to use them on the top end of a bi amped system. I have modified vortex screens I use ss mono blocks on the bottom .I am looking for a softer sound on top .HOW DO THESE SOUND! 
Tubes for a Soundstage Two pre
HI keep the philips you have they are fine . But if you want to try something else try the EI tubes .get them from a good source because ei hand some production problems have them mached .I just put them in my quicksilver what a difference! let me... 
Tubes or simply the characteristic of the Pre-amp?
wether tube or ss preamps make the biggest difference in a system. there many things that count .tubes do make a big change in a preamp I would you try EI tubes . make sure that you buy them through a honest seller and not the best deal on e bay .... 
Possibly the best pre-amp one can have
lets hear from charlie 
Soundstage Class A Tube Pre-amp
I just got one it sounds great its name speaks for its self its got a wide soundstage. I was using a B&K sonnata pro 10 it blows it away. the only thing thats a slight problem is that you have to turn on the pre first then wait a few seconds a... 
budget cd player
go for the onix you wont be sorry 
superphon revelation
thanks for the reply 
superphon revelation
to Thistlehd i ment to ask you how did the bass sound . did it sound deeper 
superphon revelation
thanks for the info 
superphon revelation
are you sure that the caps are 16v the original are 35v. did you do any thing with the 1000v caps at the supply side 
please help, I need a good cd player used is ok
buy a onix x cd88