Plasma TV Power Conditioner Discussion

Typical 50 inch plasma TVs pull a 480 watt or 4 amp load. Some informed shops recommend using a isolated Richard Gray 400 for only the plasma to protect from surge and to condition the line. However, others recommend going stright into a dedicated line with upgraded outlets. There are many more ideas such as using a capacitor across the line to reject noise.

For those of us with new plasmas, a discussion on this topic would be greatly appreciated with the hope of a reasonable solution.
I use 1kw conditioner and the picture on my plasma is much smoother and detail becomes clearer.
There's a LOT of such discussion on but the conclusions split into two camps: Those who see a difference and those who don't. While it may be due to how good or bad an individual's AC supply is to begin with, I'd suggest you get a dedicated line at the outset before fooling with bandaids.

Note that we are talking about AC conditioning, not AC protection devices. The latter is essential to mental health.

I'm using a dedicated 20 amp line and feeding my home theater with the EP15/SP15 ExactPower combo. Balanced power to all devices except the Power amp and Subwoofer.

The picture difference is quite significant. Blacker blacks, more depth and smoother picture. The plasma is a 42" Hitachi.


The Running Springs Audio power conditioners work fantastic for plasmas. Just installed one today to power a 50" Marantz. Blacker blacks - Whiter whites and less video noise. Not only will it clean up the line, it will voltage regulate and protect against spikes.