Placement of components in audio rack

I currently have from bottom to top, on individual shelves in an open rack stand: amp, pre-amp, CD recorder, CD player, turntable on top. This is probably a pretty normal set up, but wondering if anyone has messed around with the order and found any significant improvement? Also, I plan on adding a tuner to the mix. My past experience has been to put the tuner away from all other components for best signal; like in another part of the room with long interconnects. Thoughts?
I prefer to keep the pre-amp nearer to the turntable and further from the amp. The former's phono pre-amp could be more sensitive to interference from the amp. Could be. So in your stack I'd just switch the pre-amp and CDP.

I've never experienced a problem with a Tuner but perhaps I've just always had a top quality one. In any event I'd still keep it away from my pre-amp just as I would an amp.

No, you have it right except I prefer to have the amp in a separate stand instead of in a rack. I am a believer in not having anything sticking up between the speakers, but I like to keep my speaker wire runs short, so I place the amp between the speakers on the floor with everything else on the side wall. Besides, turntables do not sound their best between speakers. 2/3 of the way down the side wall is where you want your turntable.
The other thing to consider(within reason of course) is to arrange the components so that the heavier articles are closer to the floor.That way the vibrational energy that will invariably enter the rack will contribute less to the amplitude of the vibrations that will operate on the rack(shorter pendulums).


So, you run a long IC from your amp to your pre-amp. Is that OK? I don't have any IC's more than 1m, so I'd have to go out and buy some long stuff.
I isolate the digital from the analogue to avoid EMI/RFI contamination. I also like to keep equipment with large power transformers away from more sensitive equipment.

Power amps on the floor between the speakers. CD and DAC players on a separate rack. Pre-amp, phono pre-amp and turntable on a separate rack.
I think you will probably lose any performance you gain by playing with component positioning on shelves ,if you have to go to longer interconnects. From my experience, shorter ICs always have equated to better sound. Even inferior shorter ICs sounded better than longer run(2m or greater)better quality cables. Good idea about running the tuner as far away from the rest as possible. Not sure you need to goto the extreme of a different room. Unshielded interconnects will be an issue, however.
I believe the length of the IC and sound quality is related to the IC's being balanced and the output impedance of the pre-amp.