Piega speakers

Has anyone heard about a new line of piega speakers about to be introduced?
I have heard about them. You will find info on the piega website, piega.ch. There are a number of new models being introduced. A friend has heard the c8ltd and was very impressed. I hope to have a pair in a few weeks. If you want any more information drop me a note. I have no affiliation with piega other than loving the p8ltd.
i have heard the c-8 ltd and have bought a pair to replace my p-10s'.they are,the c-8 ltd,the best speaker i have heard to date.better then my p-10s by far. i have not heard the c-10 ltd but if it is not too much for my room and better then the c-8 ltd i might go that route instead of the 8 ltd. the c-8 ltd,right out of the box,impresses me more then the c-40 did last year right out of the box.the new bass enclosure really tightens up the bass with the new woofers.the concentric ribbon tweeter/midrange is spectacular.hearing them being powered by a goldmund 29m amp,which i also hope to buy,was a match made in heaven.i listened for 3 days and every day things just got better and better.these speakers are going to make everyone who hears them reconsider their votes for 'best of the best'.
Along with our store all the East Coast and West Coast stores will be offering advance auditions during the month of December. Follow Sanibel Sounds website for the dates and take this opportunity to decide for yourself where this product falls.
How much, retail, are the new c-8ltd
bill....i believe they are around $12k-$13k but am not 100% sure.....trust me, they are worth every penny....i have heard the c-40s' and they,the c-8 ltds',are not far behind..if at all.i haven't heard the c-10 ltds but if the 8 ltds are not enough for my lrg room i will get them.i doubt you will hear a better speaker at or even close to the price of the new piegas'