Piega and tube amps

I am interested in buying Piega C-8 LTD speakers. They are rated at 92 db into 4 Ohm. I have called a number of dealers and read a couple of reviews and get contradictory advice regarding necessary amp power. The Piega website recommends 20-250W, but some dealers/ reviewers recommend large amps. I would like to drive the speakers with my Joule Electra Stargate amps rated at 30w/ch into 8 Ohms. Does anyone have any experience driving Piega speakers with smaller tube amps? Any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks!

I used to have Piega P10s and I experiemented with a variety of different amplifiers.

Don't waste your time on any amp less that a high current 150W or so. The piegas will just sound flat and one-dimensional with very limited dynamic capability.

Low power tube amps are great - but just not with Piegas.
I had a pair of Piega P-10's and really liked them. I am a fan of Piega, but like Goatwuss, you need a high current amp... solid state or tube.

I have used Piega with great success with both the Manley 250 NeoClassic monos and with VAC's standard 220 monos.
Both are higher powered tube amps. If it weren't for realiability problems, I'd still be using the Manley 250's. The VAC 220 monos are both powerful and reliable.

Hope this helps.
I have been using Conrad Johnson Preimeir 12s 140 watt monoblocks.& a pair of Bell 1001s alternately with my C8LTDS with excellant results.I think you would need a higher power amp then you plan on using.Great speakers by the way.
I have used a Belles 250i integrated, a Rowland model 10, and the new Rowland Concerto integrated. All are high powered ss, and all sounded wonderful. I have looked at a lot of posts and most dealers and exhibits use powerfull ss. I have had mine for 5 years or so and prolly will keep them for a long time. On the used market they are a steal.
I run my C-8 Ltd's with Granite audio 860 mono's in triode mode. Very not flat : ) They could use some more punch and to be perfectly honest it should have more power. These are very very powerful sounding 30 watt amps as well I should mention (sound like they have more drive than the cary V12i's)