Upgrade to Piega C10's??

In your opinion, would I be likely to notice a significant improvement moving from my Piega P10's, to either the C8 limited., or C10 limited.?? I'm using Aloia amp and pre-amp. My system is in the living room with no room treatments. Just a regular old family room. Open to the kitchen on the left; speakers only about a foot from the front wall; back wall about 4 feet behind the listening position, cathedral ceiling, you get the picture.

I hear the new C Limited's are great speakers, but the P10's were touted as having "unbelieveable sound" when I purchased them, and they do sound good! I don't mind spending the extra money, but obviously want to hear a significant difference if I do. I'm no expert on this stuff. Some of the discussion about "extroardnarily smooth mid range" ect., sort of escape me.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
bill...i,too,have p-10s' and i have heard the c-10 ltds.they are superb and are definately better then the p-10s'.i am going to upgrade myself before the year ends. i have a friend who did upgrade to the c-10 ltds from the p-10s and he would be a good person to email about the difference.email him at drfish941@msn.com.his name is tom chaya. he will be glad to let you know the differences he hears. if money is not a problem you will be very glad you upgraded.the p-10s are superb and if there weren't the possibly of upgrading to the c-10 ltd i would not be in the market for any other speaker.good luck

I would echo calloways comments. As always I should start by saying it sounds like you are very happy with the p10 and if money is an issue or it will cause strife at home then you might think twice. If that is not the case (ie no down sides to trying them out) then the new c series is amazing. I had the p8ltd and had the opportunity to upgrede or at least try out the speakers. I left a review I believe on audiogon or aa. The change is very substantial and very worthwhile in my mind though that depends on how you define substantial and what the change is worth to you. Basically you get everything the p series offered just better (that sounds a bit silly but its hard to express it). The p8ltd are great speakers and 3 of my friends now have them after listening to mine but the c8ltd is that much better. The bass is even deeper and crisper and the soundstage larger (more realistic). The midrange and upper end is quite magical with the coaxial tweeter. The speaker in my setting seems to interact with my room a lot better too. I have had a bunch of friends over and a/b the two and all were very impressed. I hope this is of help. I would be happy to chat. Just drop me a note - or perhaps give me a shout. By the way, since I bought the c8ltds, piega has had no representative in Canada so I am the local rep, so you must take everything with a grain of salt (though you should do that with everyone).
I upgraded from the P-10's to the C-8 ltd's. I was hoping to tame the edge that I was getting from the ribbon midrange - tweeter. Although I found the C-8ltd's to be much smoother and coherent than the P-10's, I still felt that in all but the best recordings there was too much of an edge. I recently traded the C-8ltd's for the Kharma 3.2's. These speakers have all of the detail and speed of the C-8ltd's, but are considerably smoother, and more atmospheric. If you are considering a change, they should certainly be considered.
Good Luck
Well, I'll chime in here. I have C-3 Limiteds, but I have spent many hours with the C-10 Limited. I have to say that if my small room could handle C-10 Limiteds, I'd love to have a pair. I think the coaxial arrangement is absolutely better than the separate drivers on the P series. I have heard C-10 Limiteds, and P-10's back to back in the same system, and there is a difference.

For me, there would not be enough difference to justify the cost. OTOH, if I had the cash, I would upgrade no doubt about it. I think the point about the bass being tighter and more healthy. The P-10 bass is amazing, but the C-10 is tighter. I think the C's have the advantage of not having that rearward firing tweeter. I think that's kew for ambience, but I don't think it actually helps the highs vs. the C series.

Good luck, and let us know what you do!
I went from the P10 to the C8LTD and I could not be any happier.
That is not in any way putting down the P10. I loved that speaker. But the C8LTD is just that much better.