Phonomena II+ vs Moon 110lp v2

I recently made some big upgrades to my system. I got a backert labs rhomba 1.3 preamp and a technics sl-1500c turntable. I also have the klh model 5’s and a Nad c298 power amp. I’m pretty happy with how it sounds, though it leans a little more towards detailed than warm. The onboard preamp on the 1500c is pretty decent, but I was considering getting a phono stage. I just purchased an AT vm540ml cartridge, which recommends 100-200 pF. Both the musical surroundings phonomena II+ and the moon 110lp v2 are adjustable enough to handle the pF range, so long as I have lower capacitance rca cables. 
There’s a pretty big price difference, will I be able to notice the difference with my current setup? Most reviews of the phonomena II+ highlight the quality of the low end and it seems like it will handle MC’s better than the 110lp v2. I don’t use an MC at the moment, but it would be nice to have that option in the future. The phonomena II+ is at the very highest limit I’m willing to spend though. The van alstine vision q was on my list, but I can’t find anything about capacitance values. I’m open to tubes, but the good ones are well out of my price range. I’m not looking to mess with the phono preamp too much once my setup sounds how I’d like it to be
I found an open box phonomena II+ for $600. Now it’s $475 for the 110lp v2 vs $600 for the phonomena II+. A bit closer
I have the Moon LP5.3 RS (basically the same as the 310LP) and I am very happy and very impressed with the sound - things improved a lot once good cables were installed.

But the Phonomena II - also looks (on paper) like a very capable unit
  • you can add a better power supply just like the 310
  • AND the setting switches are on the back, so changing the setting is easy

Even though I very much like Moon I think I would choose the Phonomena II in this case

Sometimes spending just a little extra will often save you in the long run