Jolida JD9 Mk2 vs MS Phonomena II Phono Stage

New to analog / vinyl. Started with a Pro-Ject 1.3 and 651p, wanted to go deeper. Demoed an RP8 and RP3. Based on forum recommendations and threads discussing entry level options, I ended up with a Technics 1200 Mk2. I lucked out -- it has a known audiophile pedigree (not used for DJing) and even a couple mods. It was well taken care of!

So here I am. I'm looking for a good preamp match -- the 651p isn't quite cutting it. I can hear some of the background hiss on recordings. I've been eyeing the JD9 and the Phonomena II seem to be standouts in the $600 price point. Biggest difference are the tubes in the Jolida. The upgrade path on the Jolida is there too.

Cart is an Audio Technica AT120E/T.

Other tube options (lower cost) are the bottlehead reduction (seduction). There are some other DIY setups bugle2 and the more expensive cornet2.

Thoughts on any of these?
Seems odd. I have a 640 and it's dead quiet.
I have used both JD9 and Phonomena, I prefer the Jolida. It can be upgraded and tweaked to much better performance than stock, plus you can tube roll. But you cant loose, both are very good.
I too have an interest in these two phono preamps. So I look forward to anyone who has experience with them to keep their comments coming.

One question...Is there any benefit to having a tube based phono stage like the Jolida if your amp is Solid State? Or should I just stick with a SS phono stage like the Phonomena since I have no intention of switching my amp to tubes? Thanks.
Secretguy: I messed with my setup -- sounds a bit better now. I think the hiss was a turn table issue. The 641 sounds pretty good now.

There seems to be a ~$400 and a $649 Jolina JD-9... (China and US product respectively). Apparently there was some family (?) dispute that lead to this, and of course a lawsuit.

Maybe ancient history to some on the forum:
Very familiar with the JD9 and an assortment of other sub-$1K units. The JD9 is not really a pure tube phono preamp. You can really tweak the JD9. Some good NOS tubes, upgraded fuse and AC cord make a BIG difference. You can also change out resistors (little to no change in my unit), add some sorbothane, remove the tube protectors, upgrade the feet, etc., etc. I have tweaked mine pretty extensively and I can't seem to find anything better unless you start looking at some things that go for $2K or more. Obviously, I can only sample what I can find in the local shops in the SF East Bay area, so I have not demoed more than 5 or 6 units. But I am a big fan of the JD9 for the money and with some upgrades.