Phono stage recommendation please

Hello, need a recommendation on phono stages please. 3 I've shortlisted:
1) JLTi
2) Luxman E-200
3) Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk

Haven't / Will not have a chance to audition any of these; heard great things about the JLTi and Nighthawk, but surprisingly little about the Luxman. Would love your perspectives.

Equipment: VPI Classic, Dynavector 20xL, Sim LP3, Anthem AVM50v, Focal Chorus
Primary listening: Rock
I use a Nighthawk with my Scoutmaster and Dyna 20XL to great results. Only compared the Nighthawk to the Cambridge 640P. Naturally, the Nighthawk trounced the 640P (as to be expected given the price differential). Can't comment on the other phono states you mentioned.
Thanks Kgturner. So far so good with the Nighthawk. Yet to compare with Luxman (dealer demo should be arriving soon).