Phono Stage Question

While speaking with a fellow Audiogoner, the topic of how the capacitance "figure" is used mainly on MM/MI cartridges was brought up. This is where a change on the capacitance loading value affects the frequency response, especially on the high frequencies.

I was told that if my cartridge is a MC then I do not have to worry about this issue. However, if I own an MM/MI, then I need to have a phono stage that permits capacitance value changes.

I recently switched to an Ortofon Black, which is a 5mV output MM cartridge on my Music Hall MMF-7 TT. I am currently trying to break it in, and will be checking for proper VTA, etc. as hours are accumulated on this cartridge. I currently have this directly routed to a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated amp with an internal phono stage. When I switched cartridges to the higher output MM cartridge (as directed), I immediately started noticing distortion in the higher frequencies. Again, I now realize there will be a break in period and possible adjustments on the new cartridge, but my question goes beyond this area.

My question is this: Other than the EAR 324 at $5K, are there any other less expensive good phono stages that permit capacitance value changes (pF adjustments), all in an effort to limit distortion on MM/MI cartridges as I move forward?

Thanks for the help!
DB Audio makes a kit at a very reasonable price that lets you add different amounts of capacitance to the phono cables. Certainly not high end , it is simply a set of Y plugs that you can plug in various amounts of capacitance to. Would be good for experimentation and you could duplicate the results in higher grade parts if you find the value that works best. The kit was recommended recently, I think in Stereophile, I had no idea it was still being made, have had mine almost 30 years.
According to the specs that I just found, your Rogue has a set 150pF of capacitance.

The Ortofon Black has a recommended capacitance range of 150-300pF.

Seems like a good match to me. You might try lowering the VTA a little.
I agree that your problem is unlikely to be in the loading, usually too little capacitance causes a droop in the midrange. Of course it is possible that this could appear as a treble boost. In the far off days when I was an Ortofon dealer the company offered a special clip on "Cap 210" to smooth out the frequency response. The American importer had, of course, never heard of it. The kit is in Art Dudley's column, from August this year I think. It is $49.95, not bad as was $29.95 in 1980. But try the VTA as MOFI suggests, it is free.
In my Halcro DM10 preamp, the MM/MI phono stage has adjustable Capacitance and Resistance.
I find that changing the resistance has a far greater subjective effect on the sound of the cartridge that the Capacitance (all things being equal).
The distortion in the high frequencies you are experiencing may be a case of too high a VTA as MoFi suggests or could be a tracking weight issue?
Then again, the 5mV output of the Ortofon may be 'overloading' the gain of your phonostage?
The audio research PH units let you change capacitance. The PH7 lets you do it on the fly, via remote control. I had a PH3SE and changing the capacitance was done changing the resistors.
I have a Graham Slee Elevator (step up device) which allows you to change the capcitance. But man, I don't hear any difference when I change the capacitance from the recommended setting for my cartridge.
I have this cart. Check your alignment and VTA. This cart likes to be tail on my setup or it gets a little spitty in the highs.

Setup right this is a very good cart.
Many thanks for everyone's responses. I will be making a slight adjustment to my VTA before moving forward with other suggestions. (That is, once I receive another VTA allen key that mysteriously disappeared from my Music Hall file).

Any suggestions for a replacement mat for this felt mat that comes with the TT?

Linn has a new mat that is suppose to make a big difference on the LP 12. It is about $25 or 30 from the Linn store on ebay. I am getting one but haven't done it yet.