Phono Stage/MC Cartridge Denon 103r Settings Help

I need assistance in setting up parameters for my cart/arm/tt. I am new to this hobby and would appreciate your input. Here's what I have:

Denon DL103r MC Cartridge
Tritium Air Bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm
Modified Rega P3 Design
Denon AU-300LC Step Up Transformer
Monolithic Sound PS1 Phono Stage

The Rega has been modified though as a multi-layer maple plinth (very heavy) with upgraded Premotec motor and ruby bearing. The only thing that stayed is pretty much the glass platter and the size of the belt.

The Phono stage is going to a VTL Ultimate Dual Mono Preamp (not enough gain) which is going to VTL 225 Monoblocks. THese now power custom hybrid Quad ESL 63s + 10" Peerless Woofer in a U-frame design (John K. at

Overall I have a great system and am an active part of an analog club here in Minneapolis. THe club members all think my system is very, very nice.

If the new 103r specs says:
Load Impedance 100 ohm min. (40 ohms when using a transformer)

And the step up transformer specs say:
Output Impedance 40ohm: 4k ohm, boosting 10:1

Question is: How should I set my Monolithic Phono Stage?
Variables are the following:
Subsonic Filter: on vs. off
Load Impedance: 47k vs. 10k vs. 1k vs. 100 ohms
Capacitance: 100pf vs. 270pf vs. 370pf

Please help me with my phono stage settings.
What would you do? And why?
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First , all Step-Up Transformers are made to go into a 47,000 ohm Phono Input. Your combo of Transformer and Cartridge were made for each other , so go with the 47k . Capacitance isn't as critical with MC Cartridges . Experiment and go with what sounds best .

That being said , I am wondering why you aren't using the Denon SUT into the Phono Input on your VTL Pre . I have had great results with Transformers in front of my VTL Ultimate as long as you set the Input Impedence for 47,000 ohms . You keep the Tube sound that VTL is known for without introducing Transitors to the Audio path .
I agree with Tubeo. Use the phono stage in the preamp. That eliminates an extra link in the chain, (and the cable to connect the link) and probably is as good is not better than the Monolithic outboard phono stage. Table to SUT, SUT to preamp. Should sound wonderful.
Agree with Tubeo with one difference. First, you MUST use a transformer into a 47K ohm load for it to load the cartridge properly, no real options there. Subsonic filter "off", unless you see your woofers flapping, and then "on". 100pf capacitance, MC cartridges are not sensitive to this, but usually, the less the better.

On the other hand, the AU-300LC was not designed for the 17 ohm internal impedance of the 103R, it was designed for the 40 ohm impedance of the 103, it should work acceptably in this application, however.