Phono Preamplifier recommendations for matching with Dynavector Karat 17D2

I have tried several different LOMC cartridges and have settled on the Dynavector as the one I like the best.  Output is .26 mv and I have it loaded with 100 ohms.  Wonder what phono preamp others are using with this cartridge, or which ones have you heard that work well?
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I'd recommend Dyna's Dp75 , based upon the reviews and owner satisfaction.
Thanks, i have looked at that one.  Will appreciate getting other opinions but the P75 is definitely on the list.
Dynavector P 75; especially with Dynavector cartridges. I have one for sale “As New” only used it for 3-4 months. Then I came into some $$$ and bought a Manley Steelhead. PM me; I will sell it at $350 plus USPS postage.
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i have a Dynavector P-75 Mk4
just tweaking the loading and running it in bow with a Benz Ebony H
have yet to form opinion.....
tomic601, when you have more time with the unit, please let me know what you think, in comparison to others you have heard, thanks.
elizabeth, have not seen any unicorns around here, but since you are using an ARC unit I could mention that at the moment, I am using an ARC PH-8 with my 17D2.  This gives good results.  I am not sure if the DP-75 would be comparable, better, not as good, or what.  It does offer more flexibility in matching gain and impedance.  Your opinion?
Been happy owner of a P75 mk3 for well over 6 months, using it with Nottingham Analogue tt and Shelter 501 cart, which is not as low an output as yours at about 0.5 I think.
I have been extremely happy with the results and it is real easy to change settings internally via jumpers that is well explained in the manual.
Also their customer service is top knotch, I bought mine used and it came without additional jumpers to experiment.
One email to Dynavector USA office and they sent me a dozen jumpers free of charge!
I had that cartridge for a while before I upgraded to the XX2 and used it with an ARC PH5, which I still have.  The PH5 and any other ARC phone preamp will work great with that cartidridge or any cartridge for that matter.