Phono preamp advice please, newbie to TT

Hi all, I am getting into Vinyl , it is the the last step in my 2 channel set up.
My existing components are ARC ref 1 pre , ARC VT 130 SE amp,Cary306/200
cd player , Sansui modded TU-717 Tuner. My speakers are the Wilson Audio Witt.
Power conditioner is a BPT ultra 2.5 (20 amp). Cabling are tara labs air 1 and speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Hologram II. I just bought a Musical Life Jazz TT, I will be installing an Origin Live Silver MK III, my cartridge I am not sure yet but it will be a MC type.Here is my delimma , should I buy an ARC PH3SE tube phono pre? or should I be looking for a solid state phone pre? I have heard that tube phono pre's are noisy with MC cartridges??? Please advise me what phono I should be looking for with my equipement , feel free to name some. Calling
all experts.
You won't get better than a tubes ARC!
I'm not an expert in the area of MC cartridges, but if I were to acquire a good MC cartridge, one phono preamp I would want to audition is the Linn Linto.
You may want to research Hagerman,Ive heard nothing but praise from folks using the Cornet MM phono stage.
Graham Slee is the direction I am going. Yes SS is usually qiet and yes tubes are frequently noisy. Read my comments above in the Supratek post. I think SS is easier to manage than tubes in a phono stage. And I am a tube devotee-
thanks for the response guys, I am still undecided ??
AR PH3SE is the way to go, as I did. Sweet sound and service, if needed, is still available at reasonable prices. MC's, if below .5v will need a step up, otherwise it will work if you have the right resistor loading. Check out the sales on e-bay for latest pricing and then buy from a 'goner'.
I have a tube phono pre (Herron) and it is dead quiet. I do not know about other tube sets but I have had 3 SS phono preamps and I like the tubes best.

Try a Tron Seven or Syren. I have Lyra Evolve 99 low output MC and my Tron pre/phono is utterly silent despite being tubes. And very good of course.

Not sure where you are based, UK or elsewhere, but Google Tron Seven and you're away.