Phono-Pre Suggestions ?????

I am trying to venture back into vinyl and need sound suggestions for a phono preamp and cartridge combo. What works for you? I have a new Rega P-25 on the way and could use some help. I have favorable thoughts of getting a Dynavector or Rega cartridge. My budget for the pre is 500/600. And about the same range for a cartridge. To much out there and I really don't want to shoot in the dark!

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You have several choices of a phono preamp in your price range, but I will limit my suggestion to one: Lehmann Audio Black Cube, preferably with the larger SE power supply. You can often find the Black Cube SE for sale here on Audiogon, and it is a fine performer and value. The only "caveat" I have is that the Black Cube SE seems to work better with higher output (1.5 mV up to about 5 mV) moving magnet and moving iron (i.e, Grado) cartridges (than with low output moving coil models.
Used Audio Research PH-3.
What do the vinyl geeks hear think of the Grado PH as an intro to vinyl?
I'll second the Audio Research PH-3. You can pick up a used one on Audiogon for around $900-950.
In your price range an EAR 834P would be an excellent choice and will be more musical than a Black Cube in my opinion. The PH3 is nice, but almost double your budget. EAR 834Ps, like the PH3, are easy to find and sell on Audiogon.
I do appreciate all of your input. I have been resaerching a great deal and couldn't make a decision based on what I obtained. The PH3 does have a lot of favorable comments and reviews. However this is a little over my budget at this time. The cube in it's entry level configuration does have a tremendous amount of posotives too. The SE model would be a more likely candidate from what I've gathered. This leaves the EAR unit. I feel that this unit is an excellent choice too. I bought a new unit with volume control here at the Gon this evening. Now I need to get a great match cartridge for this newly aquired phono pre. Any suggestions would be graetly appreciated. Budget is 500/600 with a little room to play. Again,thank you for all the help. This site and it's memebers are awesome to say the least !!!!
I like Transfiguration cartridge Spirit Mk3 a lot.
My phono is Pass Labs Xono
You might give a listen to the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. It got a rave reveiw in Stereophile and can be had on Audiogon for ~$400. I'm listening to one now and like what I am hearing.
I have used a Sonic Frontier phono pre (the SFP-SE) and liked it a lot. It has switchable gain and loading is adjustable too. All in all a nice pre, it was stereophile A rated component if it means anything to you. I see them for sale on A-gone for $700-900.
Monolithic sound phono amp and upgraded power supply. I purchased this combo used from Audiogon for under $500
Hi, it's me again! Flu is gone!

I see you purchased the EAR.

After you get things settled out (cartridge-wise) and have gotten a good handle on the sound, give me a shout (email) and tell me what you think of this phono pre. Not familiar with tubed phono preamps myself, but am curious to hear what you have to say. Still like my SS, but you never know.....

Congrats, and good listening!

Dynavector carts. are usually a very good match with the P-25. Look for a MC with 0.5mv, or greater, out-put.
I'm glad to hear that your feeling better Subcoolman. The Ear IMHO sounded like the best choice. I purchased a Lyra Lidian Beta cartridge for it too. I do believe that the Dynavector would also be a great choice. After I get situated and tuned in I'll drop you line. Again many thanks to all of you for your input and suggestions. This site is second to none.........period !!!!