phono pre-amp question

I have a Rotel RC1070 pre-amp, which has a built-in phono-pre-amp. Given that, can I use only turntables that do not have a built-in pre-amp, or can I use either type. If I can use a turntable that has a built-in pre-amp, how do the two pre-amps work in relation to each other? Thanks
I have never seen a TT with a built in pre-amp but I would say that if you have one then use another input on the Rotel. Don't use the phono section on the Rotel unless you are using a TT with out a pre-amp.
The new German made T+A TT includes, as an option, a phono preamp., and SME 2 arm and a Benz cart. Could find the details but must do it later tonight.
brgds, Marcelo
Very few turntables have built in phono preamps, but if you have one that does you would not plug it into the Rotel phono input. Instead you should use one of the high level inputs (CD, AUX, etc.).
The reason to NOT use a preamp's phono input if it is a full preamp and not just a line stage, is that the circuit will have great gain and RIAA correction, which you already have from the tt phono stage.
Turntables with built in phono stages are simply designed for many modern pre amps with no phono stage ,i have a Rotel Ra 980bx intergrated with phono stage and it is very good in fact a guy i know who works at a hi - end store confided that Rotels built in phono stages are very good and believe me this guy loves vinyl and has a very expensive setup , in closing if your considering purchasing a turntable with built in phono stage see if the same turntable is available without the phonostage built in as i dont believe it would be an upgrade over your Rotels built in phono stage,the rc 1070 is the latest pre amp so it should sound fine , which turntable are you looking at ? is it a Project?
I am looking at the Music Hall MMF-5 turntable, which I believe does not have any phono pre-amp, etc.

I want to clarify my initial post, as I may have used some confusing terminology. My Rotel RC 1070 has a "phono input" according to the Rotel website. I was assuming that "phono input" "phono stage" and "phono pre-amp" all referred to the same thing - a device that converts the small phono signal from the cartridge to a signal readable by the main pre-amp.

Based on the above responses, I am assuming that as long as the turntable does not have a built-in phono stage or phono pre-amp, I would simply connect the turntable to my RC 1070 phono input.
You got it mate , there are other stand alone phono pre amps on the market that will better the Rotel built in phono pre amp , in my post i was refering to turntables with a pre built in and why this is the case , in closing only cheaper turntables have a phono pre amp built in ,thats why i thought you might be looking at one of the entry level Project turntables.If your lookung for an outbourd phono stage that wont break the bank try a Parasound z phono i believe it will better Rotels inbuilt stage $150.00 us