PHONO-Hagerman's Cornet or Wright Sound WPP200C

I'm looking for advice, recommendations and fellow audiogoners with experience with above mentioned phono preamps.

I'm about to put my hands on LENCO 75 NOS and if everything goes well I will receive it in a week or two.

I'm planing to build my own plinth, replace original arm with MG-1 linear arm, and Denon 103R cartridge. Plinth will be probably made with combination of birch ply. and MDF ( it is going to be a massive and heavy plinth finish with high gloss - Ferrari Red paint ). As you can probably see, I can not wait to start this project.

One problem.
I was searching web and reading a lots of threads in order to find the right phono-stage. Now it is a toss up between Hagerman's - Cornet and Wright Sound - WPP200C.

Witch one of these do you think will be my best choice?
I'll be working together with a guy who is sending Lenco on my plinth design. But if anybody wants to pitch some ideas - PLEASE DO. Also photos, plans or PDF will be welcome and appreciated. This Lenco will be my first building experience of a Turntable. I do have a woodworking skills and enough determination to do it. My plan is to build a MONSTER over a 100 pounds using a combination of materials. Birch ply. and MDF sandwiched together of approximately 8 to 10 layers. The final touch will be painting Lenco's new plinth Ferrari Red gloss paint in my brother's furniture shop. I was also thinking about installing second tonearm, something like Rega RB300 but it is optional.
What do you think so far?

Comments, suggestions are welcome.
The WPP200C is on par with (and perhaps better in some regards) the phono in my Supratek Cortese, and that's high praise. The Cortese's phono section is one of the preamp's big selling points. Many own the Cortese solely for it's phono.

One advantage of the Wright is its dual gain controls, which makes cartridge and preamp matching virtually limitless. I use a set of home-made RCA loading plugs with the WPP200C to perfectly dial in the cartridge impedance match. Theoretically, once you find the best load, you can wire a resistor to the pin and outer ring of the Wright's RCA inputs.
Tvad. Thank you for a helping hand. I appreciate your comments regarding WPP200C. So, in your opinion I'll be better of choosing Wright over Hagerman. You see.... I'm not one of those guys that can afford replacing their gear every time they feel like it. I am trying to get right peace of equipment for the price within my budget. Of course I realise, there is something better out there but all I need is a system that will get me closer to enjoyment and appreciation for MUSIC. All the effort we put in building our systems and carefully selecting desire components should eventually lead to the most important aspect of this hobby witch is submerging in the sound of tunes that provoke our senses and imagination. Person that love and appreciate music should probably spend more time enjoying it then writing about it, so I am guilty as charged. On this note let me go to my little slice of heaven and enjoy what I love the most ( besides my wife & daughter of course ).
Ones again Thank You for your input, I really appreciate it.

Happy listening.
IMO, the WPP200C is a classic. Great dynamics. Great tone. Extremely flexible.

Also, the Wright products are hand made by one of high end audio's true gentlemen, and they tend to retain their value.

I admit I have no experience with the Hagerman products, but I am aware they have a strong following among the AudioCircle crowd.
Tvad, you are obviously more experienced then I am and most likely auditioned a number of different phono preamplifiers. I am not saying that I am completely inexperience but I think the best way to audition equipment is in your own listening room. I simply did not have that chance. So I would like to ask you if you have any other recommendations besides the ones I already mention. WPP200C & Hagerman are my only candidates at this moment but it doesn't eliminate possibility of including other phonostages to that list.
I am trying to be open minded, so any other suggestions will be also greatly appreciated.
I have no other suggestions based on the few phono preamps I've owned.
I have just heard Wright Sound WPP200C and it sounds astonishing. Superb build quality. You were correct Mr.Wright is a gentlemen. Also first class service.
In an attempt to simplify my system (too many single small pieces standing around), I am trying out the JLTI phono (made by ALLAN Wright) at twice the price. On first listen it is very close to the (George) Wright WPP200c in terms of texture and detail retrieval, but more extension on the bottom end. Spatial imaging and separation between instruments is enhanced as well. More on the comparison soon.

The Wright WPP200C is excellent - make sure to get a good step-up if using MC cartridges, such as Lundahl or Cinemag.

The Wright WPP200C is excellent - make sure to get a good step-up if using MC cartridges, such as Lundahl or Cinemag.

Restock (System | Threads | Answers)

Perhaps you mean if using low output MC cartridges? I used a .8mv Benz Micro Ace Medium, and no step up was required. In fact, I had the WP200C's gain controls only about a third the way turned up at most.
Tvad, yes I meant low output MC. By they way, even with the Medium Ace I woould try a step-up, maybe a 1:5 ratio. Even the low output Benz had enough gain with the Wright, but sounded somewhat anemic. Inserting a step-up helped tremendously. Worth a try!
Trying is always the best way, I suppose...due to differences in systems.

However, my Benz Micro Ace Medium through the WP200C sans SUT was anything but anemic.
The low output Benz I tried was of course half the output of yours at 0.4mV. Also, for some reason I preferred matching output impedances through different step-up ratios rather than through resistors. Never tried the medium Benz Ace though.
Guys, what do you think about Cartridge Man Music Maker II, I have heard it is very good value.
I have no experience with the MM II. Check with Audiofeil. He's a dealer for Cartridge Man products.
I have no experience with the MMII as well, but doubt that you will find much better than the Denon DL103R for the money. The Wright, Lundahl transformers, and Denon DL103R are a great match.
Restock. Can you clarify how did you go about Lundahl transformer. I am not familiar with transformers at all. Can you help me to better understand it.
I will really appreciated it.
The Denon is very low output and would require an additional step-up to increase the gain before the Wright preamp. The Lundahl step-up can be found at K&K ($335 assembled). Alternatively, you can buy the WMT100 step-up by George Wright which is about $275 with an order of a new WPP200C.

You could run the Denon directly but it will sound much better and quieter with the additional gain.
Good links. Thanks again Restock.
Restock, in your opinion, how does the JLTI compare to the WPP200c? The JLTI keeps popping up in my searches.

As much as I like the Wright, the JLTI just has more resolution, especially in
terms or imaging, layering of images, and separation of instruments. The JLTI
get attack and decay or notes right and captures the tone of natural
instruments better than anything I heard in this price range. The Wright
sounded soft and blurred in comparison. Don't get me wrong, the Wright is
still an excellent phono and compares well to the EAR 834 and many other
phonos I heard.

I sent you an email with some more impressions - I hope that helps.
Restock knows I owned a WPP200C and we have discussed it before. I have not heard a JLTI.

I agree that the Wright is somewhat less resolving than other phonos I have owned (which aren't many). It added some warmth I liked, to be honest.

Also, if you use good NOS tubes in the WPP200C, like RCA, rather than the supplied new production tubes, the sound is clearer and more resolving with less grain, IMO.
Thanks folks. I appreciate the info.