Philips vinyl pressings - France vs. Holland?

I have been looking for the Beethoven String Quartets (Q Italiano) on Philips from the 1970's, and have come across sets pressed in Holland, France, UK and Italy.

I know that pressings from Holland are preferred, but are say the French Philips pressings really all that different?

Thanks in advance for any information.
My experience with French pressings was always negative, not with this particular album, with jazzrock and flamenco. They sounded just fine but didn't last long, developed a lot of noise. Poor vinyl quality, I guess.
Yeah, Dutch, German and often UK were good, Japanese were usually best in terms of quietness and balance though sometimes UK and Dutch were a little more dynamic, ocassionally perhaps excessively so. Never tried Italian.
By the way, I like many things French, just not records.
Many thanks!
I have several Philips records pressed in Italy (classical). These pressings are superb and generally, but not always, sound richer through the midbass and midrange. I have determined this by comparing the Italian pressings to the identical recordings pressed in Holland. In addition, the Italian vinyl quality is superb, excelling in quiet surfaces.
Hmm..I got to try Italian pressing, I guess. What about Argentinian? There are many records from there on ebay.
New pressings from the Netherlands, Record Industry Haarlem seem to be varying in quality.
Thanks for all the good feedback. I will patiently hold-out for Philips pressed in Holland.