persoanlity and speaker preference

there may be a relationship between personality and speaker ownership.

owners of panel vs cone designs may differ with respects to aspects of personality.

it's a hypothesis which could be tested.

i have thought about presenting a personality inventory to memebers of an audiophile clube to which i belong, but have yet to do so.

there are persoanlity variables which may help to distinguish preference for panel vs box speakers.

can anyone suggest factors which when quantified could discriminate panel from cone speaker preferences ?
I have owned and enjoyed both electrostatics (Martin Logan) and box (Von Schweikert, B&W, Energy, Klipsch). I'm not sure you have to be one or the other.
I use box speakers.

I like strong, intelligent, and exotic brunette women.

I like long walks on the beach.

And chocolate ice cream.
I would be afraid of what an MMPI would reveal about the audiophile community. People who sit alone in dark basements listening to obscure recordings of even more obscure artists.

I use box speakers.

I like weak, dumb, flashy blondes.

I like short walks accross the music room.

And I like banana splits with only vanilla ice cream.

I'm a fat, bald, white male approaching senility.
uh oh, there goes my hypothesis out the window. i bet newbee and tvad are republicans.
Try using the MBTI and you might find ENFJs with a strong preference for VSAs VR4JRs
Cones/boxes here, and I'm mean, stupid, and arrogant. So what's your point?
I like BIG horn speakers with BIG Tubes and dressed in black vinyl. Exposed, dynamic, colored, musical.

I like my women just like my speakers.

I hate walking, but when in a building it is my only transportation. I have been thinking a great deal about time travel and astral projection. Did I mention my abduction experience?

I like my ice cream in those BIG horn shaped waffle cones. No sprinkles please.

I don't chew my toenails any more and my hamster just had babies.

My favorite color is red, no wait, it's blue with red circles.

I don't drink, sniff glue, or chew my toenails.

My babies were all born naked.

My wife is named Narleen.

Thats about it. I hope this helps.
hi jond:

you may have made the point for me.

a lot of human behvior is based upon personality. speaker preference may be just another example.
the hi end isn't about hi fidelity, it's about fashion......cones, horns or ribbons please......hmmmmm glossy red or jara wood? now thats the question....if the finest speaker ever designed had a vinyl wrap, very few audiophiles would buy it.
Something tells me you have some sort of cone/stat/planar hybrid right?
Ribbons? C'mon, I'm not in 4H!
Boxes? I think outside them.
Cones? What am I, a dunce?
Stats? Show that 4 out of 5 listeners get suckered into smooth jazz.
Planars? I already go to the dentist too often as it is.
Di-poles? I'm crazy enough for one person, let alone two!

Mr. T, I pity the fool who can't see that I'm horny. And none of that new fangled, jelly-molded, siliconized, brick-hard headlights & bumpers. Nope, not for me. I like 'em savage as the jungle, au natural, pure vintage and backed up into a corner. 1978 Klipschorns. Yeah, baby!!!

THat is hillarious! F'in' A!

i own a pair of quad 63s, looking to add a pair of maggie 1.6s.

i have owned tympanis, original quads, and for a short period of time a hybrid speaker by infinity consisting of an electrostatic tweeter and mid/bass driver.

actually, the best speaker is neither a cone or a panel, its live music.
I like cone speakers, Time and phase aligned. Has to be acoustic suspension type. Gotta have full range. And yes Gotta be Dunlavy.

I have heard planar, horn elecrostatics. Enjoy them but...

I like neutral and lively sound. If it manages to be musical, all the better.

Favorite color is Black

I like all types of women- Blondes, brunettes, red heads, and in between. No discrimination here.

Love cars- especially Porsches, they all gotta be black

I wear Armani, strictly.

I like beers and martinis

Love icecream, but restrain from it for fear of getting fat. (I have been one weight, give or take few since last 20 kidding)

I wear my hair long. Not "hair' band long (closet rock star)

I love my wife and two daughters.

Mr T, I enjoy MOST your posts.
hi nilthepill, is it possible that you are an extrovert and or a linberal republican ?

that may explain your chice in speakers.
How about the relationship between worldview and speaker selection?

Darwinist Audiophile: "My stereo is a part of a larger cosmic accident, and I'm not happy with the sound. I need to stumble upon some fantastic new speakers."

Intelligent Design proponent Audiophile: "I organized my stereo to be irreducibly complex, but I don't like the sound. I need a new speaker plan."

You see, the bulk of audiophiles hung up on equipment are never happy. Like women and their hair. Never happy with it.

MrTennis, You say you want Magnepan 1.6's now. Later, it'll be something else. We know. You liberal psychoanalyst types are never happy. ;)
hi doug, i am an independent logical type, with a curiosity about human behavior.

the only reason i am buying the magnepans is the problem with one of my quad 63s. i need a bckup speaker. i doubt i will be replacing it soon, as i generally prefer panels over cones, except for an occasional foray into the world of mini monitors, which i would place on top of my quads.
Mr T. Although I am not an introvert, I border on extrovert while not completely adhere to the definition. Liberal Republican is kind of right description as far as my cars and audio prefreneces go. Other than that I am an maximum democrate. :)
The funny thing, that I also think that there is a linkage between one's personality and the characteristics of the soundprint of his or her system. Warm friendly people typically like warm, inviting, smooth, rounded sound - and their system do so. Other friend of mine, a young disco-lover, strong, loud, funny guy with race car like drving habit- has a JBL-Levinson system with lots of bass and omph and with shrilling highes. etc. Studying one"s listening habits and it system sound indicates personality traits and other way round.
I guess I have A.D.D. because I have had Stats, Planars, cone and domes, and now have VMPS with cones AND Planars.
Wait......what were we talking about????????
Sure it's "just" a backup speaker today. Sounds innocent enough. Pretty soon you'll be sneaking to audio dealers after work for a quick fix. Meeting in back alleys for a hook-up. Hot tips from your audio broker on that latest tweak.
Before you know it you're getting admitted to the audiophile nervosa ward then released to AA (audio asylum) for weekly rehab meetings. You know what they say, once an audioholic, always an audioholic.
No 2 or 3-ways for me, it's single driver all the way babeeee.