Peachtree Nova 300: good reviews. Any members own Peachtree? YEA or NAY?

Peachtree: YEA or NAY?

Has HT Bypass; Phono; DAC; Power

Sound Quality of prior Peachtree products?


Customer Service?

I could change my Home Theater from a Sony 7.2 AVR (no front preouts) to:

NEW 2 Channel Front Stereo System (peachtree above)


NEW Sony AVR with Front Preouts to the Peachtree.

It would be for ’supposedly’ better front sound for Video Content, 5.1 or 2 CH Video (never 2 ch audio only), so a lot of money involved, but tempting.

existing Sony AVR sounds darn good (thus could be a lot of money for a slight change only).

DAC, Streamer, Phono, all great but not needed.

Well, I could use it in my office and try streaming there, but my Luxman sounds great already, so just a Streamer/DAC would add that up here.

Just tempting, so, Is Peachtree Grest/Good/Just OK???

Front Speakers are/would be DBX Soundfield 100's

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big greg, thanks for sharing your experiences

twoleftears, thanks for the info on the innards. did you mean the 500 model?
no one can comment about Peachtree?